2021 China’s “top ten ugly buildings” are coming! Did it scare you

The most attractive thing about Jiuhuang mountain glass bridge is not the suspension bridge, but the “giant” wearing traditional costumes on the bridge towers on both sides.

The fourth inner Mongolia Manzhouli taowa Hotel ▼ it is well known that taowa originated from Russia, but the world’s largest taowa is in Manzhouli, China – the famous taowa hotel.

The reason why it is on the ugly list is also because of the round hole.

For new cities, the current block area is 500 × 500 meters.

Because there are open spaces, vegetable gardens and ponds It belongs to the area to be developed.

What kind of bridge do you think it is.

The more you see them, the more strange they become.

When you sleep, the dolls keep their eyes wide open with you.

Some people think it’s a little creepy, but some people agree that the design is very cute.

It is a comprehensive and professional children’s art growth platform integrating children’s art education, academic exchange, work exhibition, art training and other functions.

Everyone must have seen it.

Every year, the buildings selected by netizens and authoritative experts in the industry are more and more ugly, which can be called “large rollover scene in the construction industry”.

Let’s have a look ↓↓↓ the online voting of 2021 “China’s top ten ugly buildings” competition initiated by changyan.com has been closed.

The project reconsiders the typical block size in China.

Shen Teng’s film “warm hug” was shot here last year.

Ha ~ the seventh Shanghai Jiading design industry 4.0 demonstration base ▼ Shanghai Jiading design industry 4.0 demonstration base is an urban experiment.

The fifth Shaanxi Xi’an International Children’s Art Museum ▼ Xi’an International Children’s Art Museum has a total construction area of 6388 square meters.

Some netizens even said: “I thought it was the site of Zhejiang University…”.

A dolly chandelier rotating overhead.

Some people think it’s very artistic and beautiful.

The designer should want to reflect the local national characteristics, but the texture is a little hasty.

This park is famous for French architecture and French style culture.

The Arc de Triomphe is located in 1903 in Kunming Park, Yunnan Province.

Some people think} creativity is good, but it is too concrete.

Wire Ring Clutch

It is a one-to-one “crystal” version of the Paris Arc de Triomphe.

Through colorful circular splicing, it presents a dreamy and flexible sense of space, leaving children with rich imagination space.

When you sit down and rest, the dolls are back to back with you.

And “fulushou” hotel.

In the process of project design, architects discussed how to bring humanized scale to the development.

And for this design.

It is a white violin with cross elements on the top.

This shape has become a famous local net red building.

It is composed of five openings and six large double columns.

And why did you become the first in online selection with high votes? According to the netizens who voted, this construction is not practical, there is no road, it can not be opened to traffic, and it can not be walked.

Therefore, the voting results include the “dissatisfaction” of many Zhejiang university students! 02 glass bridge tower ▼ glass bridge of Jiuhuang mountain in Mianyang, Sichuan.

The transparent glass bridge is not “ugly” according to reason.

The whole building is 72 meters high, mainly in Russian culture and architectural style, and the dolls in the hotel can be seen everywhere, just like the hotel name.

In fact, the design is not beautiful.

The Arc de Triomphe is 48 meters high.

The top ten list is as follows: high energy warning ahead! While judging the ugliness, we must protect our eyes 01 south gate of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University ▼ as the main gate of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, this design is built by raising funds from the majority of alumni.

It also reminds netizens of the “flying kiss” on the list last year.

The design of the cross on the roof is like a prison, and the people living in it seem to be waiting for redemption..

This activity, known as the “golden broom Award” in the construction industry, was initiated by changyan.com and has been held for the 12th time from 2009 to 2021.

In addition to the crystal glass surface, the appearance is also inlaid with “rivets”, which is full of punk feeling.

In the evening, there are many performances.

Multiple strip surfaces are used to cover the art museum.

When you zoom in, the facial features of the characters are stiff and unnatural.

Your own fine products ~ netizens also comment on the polarization of the design of the “taowa” hotel.

The reason why it is on the list is that its unique shape is more prominent and uncoordinated compared with many old buildings around.

The actors really work hard, but forgive me for not daring to see them.

It is reported that this design concept is derived from the image of the fairy tale “Arab magic carpet”.

Especially in the fog, “lying trough! Don’t look at me, I’m afraid!” This can reduce the fear of walking the glass bridge.

Others feel that it is far fetched for the violin to be forcibly nailed to the cross.

It can only be said to be a regular design.

Unexpectedly, the glass bridge tower has once again set a new height for judging ugliness.

Netizens commented on it: “it’s very scary.” The glass bridge towers are two pairs of giant men and women who are back-to-back, smiling, with open hands and wearing Qiang costumes.

So, what amazing buildings are there this year? Hurry up and “witness miracles”.

The reason for its listing is that the neat layout, the tone of gray and the neat skyline give people a feeling of depression, as if they have entered the cage of the city.

Recently, the selection of “2021 China’s top ten ugly buildings” is hot.

The third place is Yanbu violin Church in Foshan, Guangdong ▼ the violin church is located in Yongping village, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

This covered “circle” element makes people feel psychological discomfort and is not very friendly to dense phobia! The sixth place is the “Arc de Triomphe” 1903 in Kunming Park, Yunnan Province.

Even take a bath and go to the bathroom, staring at you.

At that time, the plan was opposed by the alumni as soon as it was put forward, but it was finally implemented.

Colorful dolls flashing in the corridor.

Another concrete form of architectural appearance, colorful colors are very eye-catching.


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