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Planned cities: Beijing (Beijing), Tianjin (Tianjin), Heilongjiang (HEI), Jilin (Ji), Liaoning (Liao), Hebei (Ji), Henan (Yu) and Shandong (Lu) , Shanxi (Jin), Shaanxi (Shan), Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia (ning), Gansu (long, GaN), Xinjiang (Xin), Qinghai (Qing).

(3) Strengthen accountability for quality.

(2) Strictly supervise the completion acceptance.

The supervision unit shall strictly review the qualification of general contractor and subcontractor construction enterprises, personnel qualification, construction organization design and special construction scheme, strictly control the mobilization of building materials, and focus on strengthening the management of material witness sampling, combustion performance index review and construction quality management of fire prevention isolation zone.

It is necessary to strengthen the inspection of construction site and carry out on-site supervision of key processes, Strictly check the acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works of building energy conservation, order the suspension of work for rectification if quality hidden dangers are found, and report to the project quality supervision organization.

Zhaocai cat headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “small Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying the “land of abundance” Laudatory name.

(1) Implement the primary responsibility of the construction unit.


Zhaocai cat enterprise processing consulting (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

In view of the fact that the current project construction is at the peak of decoration and thermal insulation divisional construction, we should further strengthen the management of the construction, supervision and acceptance of decoration, thermal insulation materials and fire-fighting facilities of high-rise buildings under construction, constantly enhance the legal awareness and professional ability of employees, and effectively ensure the construction, expansion Reconstruct the combustion performance and construction quality of high-rise building decoration and thermal insulation materials to prevent fire hazards due to the non implementation of main responsibilities and supervision responsibilities in the construction link and lax quality control.

Competent housing and construction departments at all levels, especially counties (cities and districts) The competent department shall strengthen the study of relevant laws, regulations and mandatory standards, understand and master the catalogue of promotion, restriction and prohibition of building energy-saving products, adhere to the problem orientation, establish the “five good styles”, strive to be the “three good controls”, and further improve the supervision level and ability.

After more than 10 years of intensive cultivation, our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.


At present, there are more than 500 employees, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and level-1 or above qualifications ranks among the top in the operation.

Com) referred to as zhaocaimao.

strengthen supervision and accountability.

(3) Implement the supervision responsibility of the supervision unit.

The construction unit shall bear the primary responsibility for the project quality, shall not require the design, construction and supervision units to violate laws and regulations, mandatory standards and use decoration and thermal insulation materials that do not meet the design requirements, and shall bear lifelong responsibility for quality accidents or potential fire safety hazards caused by their illegal acts.

The competent housing and construction administrative departments at all levels should strengthen the quality management of construction, supervision and acceptance of high-rise building decoration, thermal insulation materials and fire-fighting facilities Strictly implement the quality responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction.

Tel: 13881983131 zhaocaimao construction wechat: 13881983131 Yuyao zhaocaimao Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

The competent administrative departments of housing and urban rural development at all levels shall earnestly implement the supervision responsibilities, strictly supervise and manage the completion acceptance of the project, especially strengthen the supervision and random inspection of whether the divisional projects of building energy conservation are constructed according to the drawings and whether the combustion performance of materials meets the design requirements, and instruct the construction unit to seriously rectify the problems found.

It is strictly prohibited to use unqualified building materials or change building materials without authorization, especially decoration, thermal insulation materials and fire protection materials Products.


service guide.

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Tibet (Tibet), Hubei (Hubei), Anhui (Anhui), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shanghai (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Zhejiang), Fujian (min), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangxi (GAN), Sichuan (Sichuan, Shu), Chongqing (Chongqing) , Guizhou (Guizhou, Guizhou), Yunnan (Yunnan, Yunnan), Guangdong (Guangdong), Guangxi (Guangxi), Hainan (Hainan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao) and Taiwan (Taiwan).

124) , if the person in charge of the project fails to fulfill his / her responsibilities in place, he / she shall be given administrative penalties and corresponding administrative sanctions such as fines, suspension of business for rectification, suspension of practice, revocation of practice qualification, etc., and the information on bad behavior and punishment shall be published on the integrity platform.

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Professional contracting qualification for construction: Environmental protection, decoration, electromechanical equipment, building curtain wall, ancient architecture and city And road lighting, electronics and intelligence, fire protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure, formwork and scaffold, foundation, lifting equipment, ready mixed concrete, bridge, tunnel, highway pavement, highway subgrade, highway transportation, railway electricity, railway track laying and girder erection, railway electrification, airport runway, civil aviation air traffic control, airport visual navigation aid, port and coast, waterway Navigable buildings, port and shipping equipment and water traffic management, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical equipment, river and lake regulation, power transmission and transformation, nuclear engineering, offshore oil and special services.

General contracting qualification for construction: construction, municipal administration, electric power, electromechanical equipment, highway, railway, port and waterway, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, metallurgical quality, chemical petroleum and communication.


In order to further implement the high-level construction in the province Building the spirit of video and telephone conference on comprehensive management of fire safety, preventing and curbing major fire accidents and ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property, the notice on Further Strengthening the decoration, thermal insulation materials and construction quality management of high-rise buildings in our province is as follows: first, attach great importance to and raise awareness.

Second, strictly implement the main responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction.

(2) Implement the main responsibilities of the construction unit.

We started in Chengdu and took Shu as the mainland.

The competent administrative departments of housing and construction at all levels shall follow the Interim Measures for lifelong accountability for quality of project leaders with five party responsibility for construction projects (JZ [2014] No.

The construction unit shall organize construction in strict accordance with laws and regulations, mandatory standards, design documents and construction contract requirements, dispatch on-site technical and management personnel in accordance with the requirements of the bid winning documents, and perform the quality management responsibilities of the construction site according to law.

It is a company registered with Yuyao Administration for Industry and commerce, providing qualification, qualification handling, qualification agency, qualification transfer of various construction engineering qualifications, handling safety production licenses and providing talent services for construction enterprises (class I and class II constructor, middle and senior engineer, technician certificate, etc.) Enterprise management consulting company, providing efficient resource services for enterprise development.

(I) improve the supervision ability.

The competent housing and construction administrative departments at all levels should fully understand high-rise buildings We must keep a clear understanding of the seriousness and urgency of the fire situation.


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