Yunnan Construction Information April 3, 2023 Yunnan Engineering Recruitment and Job Application Information Release

I think it’s good.

The salary is on time, food and accommodation are provided, and the salary is on time without delay.

If you are interested, please call 13888344325 to recruit a documenter, whose main responsibilities include daily data preparation, interfacing with Party A, and progress payment application and settlement information.

Preferential treatment for those with experience in hardbound decoration: Contact number: Manager Jiang 18082926373 Work location: Wuhua District People with experience in centralized photovoltaic construction: Site administrator, safety officer, technical director, surveyor, documenter, quality inspector Work location: Dali, Pu’er.

Lifting Foot Anchor

You must have rich construction experience and contact Mr.

Salary interview.

Kunming Anning Municipal Road Civil Engineering and Pipe Network, Haikou Sewage Treatment Plant Civil Engineering urgently needs a technician.

President Jiang, a water conservancy data clerk from Eryuan, Dali, a skilled and semi skilled person in housing construction, and an intern.

Tel.: 13888205513 Kunming Anning Municipal Road Civil Engineering, Pipe Network, Haikou Sewage Treatment Plant Civil Engineering urgently needs a technician, and interested specific contact parties: 13108664543 Shangri-La Concrete Mixing Station to find a tester.

Beware of being deceived! Yunnan Province Engineering Recruitment Information Recruits a real estate construction documenter with a construction site in Jinghong and a salary of 4000 yuan for the first month.

Are there any foremen in Yuxi or Yimen who are idle? Have you contacted me? 15187858883 Zhenkang needs a water and electricity installation documenter.

Lincang Cangyuan Greening Project requires a project manager with a salary of 8-15, a construction worker with a salary of 6-10, a documenter with a salary of 6-8, and a green municipal budget officer with a salary of 8-12.

Location: Liuhe Village, Ainishan Township, Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture.

Experienced workers are preferred.

Yang 15583008777 (WeChat same number).

Interested individuals contact 15912482251 to recruit a construction management personnel and documenter.

Subsequently, based on your own situation, you can add a contact number: 13769974300, Yunnan Lincang, Jiangsu Province, and Ruimeng Expressway to recruit two people, one engineering director and one engineering technician, who are mainly responsible for design changes, scheme optimization, technical disclosure, and other work.

The information is not much, but only monthly measurement data, Mainly responsible for the rural drinking water project, involving the installation of water pipes, the construction of a pool and a water plant.

Work location: Shiping Longwu.

Click the above five words “Yundian Building Information” to follow this official account! You can receive Yunnan civil engineering recruitment information every day! Communication platform for domestic civil engineering practitioners! Gathering domestic engineering recruitment, engineering information, engineering stories, engineering exam information, and other intelligence, focusing on critical moments will definitely bring you convenience.

One day off per week is available.

Tel: 15864593692, General Manager Liu, Kunming Baiyun Road Project, has recruited a documenter with archiving experience, For detailed information, Manager Song is seeking employment at 15687853136, the supervision unit of Jining Middle Banner on National Highway 335, with 1 data clerk, 2 interns, and a salary and benefits hotline.

Specific interested contact parties: 13108664543 Kaiyuan City is looking for a municipal construction worker, mainly for rainwater and sewage diversion and municipal road projects.

The contact number is 1338871837813769345147, and the contact number is Ma, who is responsible for repairing rural roads in Maguan, Wenshan, If you need a technician, you need to talk to yourself and call yourself.

Salary negotiation is 15284561376.

Resources or interested individuals come to call 13888344325 to recruit the chief engineer of a highway project.

Salary is 6-8.

Work experience is preferred.

(99% of Yunnan civil engineering personnel have paid attention, and your support is my motivation!) Warm reminder: It’s not easy to update dozens of recruitment information every day! There is no suitable position in this article to review the recruitment information released in the previous 1-3 days! After reading the recruitment information, friends should remember to click like to light up the habit update message and push it as soon as possible! There is a lot of interference from all walks of life! Work is not easy! And do it and cherish it! Work hard to live in the present until the future is bright! Wish everyone a bright future! Timely salary! Solemnly declare that all the recruitment information released by this official account is from friends and netizens in the engineering field, and will be summarized and sorted by the editor! Due to too many messages, it is not possible to fully identify the authenticity.

The contact number is 18735389568.

Contact person: 13708482365 Song Zong, click to save the QR code, open the Tiktok search page, scan it, and follow the [Yunnan Construction Information] official number of Tiktok.

Please carefully verify it yourself.

Click the lower right corner, “Look”, click to follow the official account, and contact the editor to send job information, Free recommendation for job recruitment! Image source: network, infringing contact deleted, looking for a job, follow me on Yundian Construction Information, add WeChat to Yunnan Civil Engineering Recruitment Job Group, and accurately obtain information!.


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