Youth League activity center of College of Architectural Engineering – “youth home”

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The activity schedule of the “youth home” of our hospital actively organizes young people to carry out colorful, healthy and popular reading, sports and entertainment activities, Advocate a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of young people.

Now, let’s go into the youth home built by the College of architectural engineering! The Youth League Committee of the College of construction engineering keeps in mind the purpose of “youth home” of Construction Engineering “and” diligently inherit the rules ”   Assiduously study technology   The work exchange area of “excellence building” is used efficiently and “multi-purpose room”.

The Youth League Committee of the school of architecture and Engineering in the office area has arranged a book corner, a cultural wall, a youth honor wall, multimedia audio-visual equipment, etc.

We should improve the comprehensive utilization rate of youth activity rooms and pay attention to enhancing the education, training and comprehensive service functions of positions.

It is a platform and hub organizational form for the Communist Youth League to promote the work construction of the League under the new situation according to the space-time characteristics, living space and growth and development needs of young people, It is an important measure to serve the needs of young people in the College of architectural engineering.

Honor wall College of architecture and engineering has been striving to build a “youth home” and open up the “last kilometer” of serving youth; We will strive to build the Communist Youth League around us, unblock the channels for the Communist Youth League to directly contact, serve and guide young people, and constantly expand the influence and coverage of the Communist Youth League.

   Reviewed by: Wang Xiaoqin, PI Shengmin Instructor: Yuan Ding typesetting: Wang Hailong source: College of architectural engineering..

Yong so many young people’s homes    Don’t you come and have a look? Our “youth home” is a public welfare and comprehensive service place for the use and management of the General Youth League branch of the College of architecture and engineering.

in the “youth home” as a platform for Youth League members to carry out theoretical learning and activities.

The Youth Exchange Zone actively publicizes the party’s line, principles and policies through youth, widely carries out education on ideals and beliefs of loving the party, patriotism and socialism with distinctive themes, and guides the majority of youth to firmly follow the party and take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


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