Yihubaiying | Pengshi, aoyi and Pubang scholarship award ceremony of School of architecture, South China University of technology,

Picture / editor of the cultural and Entertainment Department of the student union of China Construction Institute of Technology / Lin Jingyi’s preliminary review / Du Yongxi’s final review / Tian Juan -..

3 class (e.g.

The number of first come, first served ~ tickets for the new year’s Day party.

20 landscape and 20 architecture Masters) 4.

Note 4: it is not allowed at the party site After entering the venue with colored drinks and food, take a seat at intervals according to the instructions of the staff and wear a mask 03 Decrypt the souvenirs of the new year’s Day party in the evening.

Walk to Haili sports center and enter the Chinese Workers Stadium along the North stairs.

The program list of the new year’s Day party, Peng’s, Austrian Italian and Pubang scholarship awarding ceremony of the school of architecture of South China University of technology New year’s Day party for teachers and students in 2022 and closing ceremony of Architectural Culture Festival at 7:00 p.m.

You can get 2022 limited year of the tiger socks or customized year of the tiger mahjong at the entrance of the party.

More details can be paid to the official account of Huayun international.

Please enter and sit down in advance.

on December 30, 2021, we give special thanks together: Huayang International Design Group The company is called Huayang International Stock Code: 002949), founded in 2000, its headquarters is in Shenzhen, and is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in February 26, 2019.

Fixing Socket Angular End Nail Plate

The group has over 5000 employees.

Register the relevant information according to the picture guide and get the souvenir program list 02 Note 1: after receiving the ticket, please write the following personal information with a black signature pen on the back of the ticket: 1 Name 2 Student No.

Forward this tweet or the warm-up tweet of the previous period and keep it until the day of the party.

Precautions 3: the ticket check-in of the party will stop at 7 p.m.

at that time, the entrance of the party will be closed.

It ranks among the top 500 enterprises in Guangdong, the 100 in Guangdong service industry and 500 in Shenzhen.

Precautions 2: after arriving at the venue, please scan and show the green code of travel registration at the entrance according to the staff’s instructions, wear a mask and measure your body temperature.



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