Wuhan architect who designed the world’s top ten public buildings moved his buildings here

In today’s society, it seems impossible to escape from architecture.

“Modest construction” is the answer given by Li Baofeng.

Human life is very short.

In 1981, performance artist Xie Deqing made a performance art work called outdoor.

Then he went to Germany as a teaching assistant, returned home to work as an architecture studio, and then became a teacher in the Department of architecture in Colleges and universities.

All this happens on the premise of conforming to the laws of nature.

“I think human beings are actually very small.

Building according to the law of mountain fluctuation and the distribution of dinosaur eggs is a method that completely follows the objective law.

More than ten years ago, Professor Li Baofeng’s team won the bid for a project in Wuhan.

Yesterday, Li Baofeng’s “modest construction” work exhibition was held in liantou Fusheng Art Museum.

“For farmers in the mountains, arable land is very important, and these people live here for generations.

After the completion, someone looked at the site of phase II and said it looked like a sword dragon, which Li Baofeng didn’t expect at all.

Firstly, bamboo is a renewable resource, and secondly, the rough texture of bamboo springboard can give the building a sense of vicissitudes.

In this way, he began to wander around Manhattan, New York with his sleeping bag on his back.

This is not a category that architects need to consider, but a building still exists for people in the final analysis.

In one corner of the exhibition, there are photos of the Loess Museum of the Yellow River National Geopark in Zhengzhou.

It used to be a mountain with dinosaur egg fossils.

At the entrance of the exhibition hall of “modest construction”, hundreds of design manuscripts form a beam of “light” and are projected onto the ground.

This is one of Li Baofeng’s representative works.

What is displayed in the exhibition hall is the architectural achievements of Professor Li Baofeng’s team over the years.

Skyscrapers keep breaking the height record, removing a mountain and draining a lake, all in the middle of raising their hands.

As a result, he was brought into the police station and into the building by the police due to conflict with people.

When he was young, he went to the mountains and the countryside to become a carpenter.

Although it has increased the difficulty in construction and design, respecting the lifestyle and rights of local people is indispensable for an architect.

Miniature models of buildings, combined with images, make people seem to step into the buildings growing from the valleys and terraces.

We should contact nature very gently and build it very modestly.

Architecture is to facilitate people’s life and communication, not to sacrifice the interests of life here for architecture.

For Li Baofeng, the so-called modest construction is to gently touch nature and find a balance between architecture and nature.

No matter how to touch nature and build a building, it is bound to cause damage to the environment.

This may also be the reason why Li Baofeng, as an architect, often needs to examine himself: do we need so much? Do we need to do this? In the end, good architecture is not only about technology, but also about Tao.

In Li Baofeng’s opinion, the construction of moving mountains and filling valleys is a kind of laziness in architecture.

The most conspicuous, of course, is the Qinglongshan dinosaur egg site museum.

After field investigation, Li Baofeng and his team decided to take the mountain as the main building and focus the later construction on the whole mountain.

He would not allow himself to enter any building or any sheltered place within a year.

During his three years as an educated youth, Li Baofeng’s direct connection with the land is reflected in his future architecture.

But the reality is that this state is not always achieved.

Li Baofeng has been dealing with architecture for most of his life.

The buildings grown from this land should also include the people of this land.

For the construction project of Enshi Grand Canyon Resort Hotel on display in the exhibition hall, Li Baofeng and his team did not choose gentle farmland and Aboriginal residential areas, but set the construction address at another steep location and try to leave good places to farmers.

Today, it is easy to build tall buildings and move mountains.

In addition to architecture, mountains and trees are the most common in manuscripts.

At the initial stage of the project construction, the appearance of the building is always a relatively vague concept.

In Li Baofeng’s view, good architecture is unexpected, but reasonable.

Behind the goal easily achieved by scientific and technological means, what is lost is the initial connection between man and nature..

When the museum was completed, it was not like a new building hidden behind the woods, as if it had been in the Loess all the time.

Soon after, however, the forest was removed in order to build a parking lot.

The scientific and technological power brought about by the industrial revolution makes mankind more and more powerful in construction ability.

Don’t be so arrogant.” from Homo sapiens hiding in caves, the cliff dwelling of Hittites, timber houses in the East and stone castles in the west, human construction has always relied on nature.

There is a mountain behind the project site.

They existed here long before the museum was built.

One month later, when he reported to Party A with the preliminary design, he was told that Party A had razed the whole mountain to the ground.

Some people on the Internet jokingly say that the museum is like the stool of a dinosaur.

In the final analysis, building a house is a kind of evil, but it is a necessary evil.

It is another experience to pass through a forest and enter the museum.” the original site of loess museum is an old cave, After a week’s inspection here, Li Baofeng and his team decided to build two houses in front of and behind the original cave, and use the cave to connect them as the Loess Museum.

It was once selected as the world’s top ten public buildings in 2016 by the famous British architectural design media dezeen.

Moreover, the old building tiles left after the demolition of the surrounding areas were also used by Li Baofeng in the construction of the museum.

The whole building is crawling in the mountains.

In the photo, a forest stands out in front of the museum.

As an architect, in addition to pursuing art in architecture, he should also have a responsibility and always maintain awe and warmth.

According to the conventional design, there should be a square with a strong sense of form in front of the museum, but Li Baofeng retained the forest.

“The so-called light touch nature is to reduce evil as much as possible on the basis of the natural environment.” and the self-examination generated by light touch nature is also the root of Li Baofeng’s modest construction.

When building the Qinglongshan dinosaur egg site museum, Li Baofeng chose the cheapest local construction supplies bamboo springboard.

When the city expands rapidly, how to live in harmony with nature has become an unavoidable problem for architecture.

From human beings entering caves to avoid crisis to logging and hammering to build houses, architecture is accompanied by the origin of the whole human civilization/   Li Baofeng, professor and doctoral supervisor of Huazhong University of science and technology / as architect Li Baofeng said, architecture is inseparable from people and becomes an extension of people like clothes.

After resuming the college entrance examination in 1977, Li Baofeng was admitted to the University and studied architecture.

Li Baofeng’s modest architecture is also reflected in building materials.

As Bernard tremie, a famous architect, said, “architecture is not a kind of knowledge about form, but a form of knowledge.” the integration of a civilized history in a building should not be just mechanical accumulation.

Rebar Support Chair

When Li Baofeng received the project, considering the original surface conditions on which dinosaur eggs depend, he chose to build the covering construction according to the law of mountain terrain.

We’d better not seize it.” the outdoor stage built later is still built close to the mountain, and the actors performing on the stage are local aborigines, which solves the problem of local people making a living.

Li Baofeng said: “a tree can live for thousands of years, which is always awesome.

From Hubei Qinglongshan dinosaur egg site protection Museum, Funiu Mountain World Geopark museum to Enshi Grand Canyon Resort Hotel, architectural models and images recorded Li Baofeng’s road to harmony between architecture and nature.


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