Workplace 055 | general manager of Shenzhen Shenda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The company attaches importance to the internal


Promote key management and rules and regulations, and optimize and adjust the organization and process in time.

Be responsible for maintaining good communication with the shareholders’ meeting, and regularly report to the shareholders’ meeting the implementation of business strategy and plan, fund utilization, profit and loss, organization and personnel allocation and other major matters.


Be responsible for the economic benefits of the company, and have the right to operate and command and the right to allocate various resources..

Earnestly implement national and local laws and regulations and relevant guidelines, policies and regulations of the superior, abide by the articles of association and various rules and regulations, safeguard the interests of the company, and preside over the overall work of the company under the leadership of the chairman of the board.

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken projects in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang and other parts of South China, and all of them have passed the acceptance.

It is an integrated modern enterprise.

The company attaches importance to the internal management and development of the enterprise, strictly implements the ISO management system, and takes the lead in passing the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

1、 Comprehensively preside over the work of the company.

Decide on the employment, appointment and removal of personnel from all departments of the company.

Lead to establish smooth communication channels between the company and customers, suppliers, partners, superior departments, government agencies, financial institutions, media and other departments.

“Excellent brand, leading the future” is the development goal of Shenzhen University.

Hold the general manager’s office meeting to make decisions on major matters.

Lead the company’s social and public relations activities and establish a good corporate image.


A technical management team with comprehensive technology and excellent management has been formed.

Organize the implementation of financial budget and profit distribution and use plan.

Review the company’s operating expenses.

Shenzhen Shenda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., established in 2017 with a registered capital of 50 million, is headquartered in the central area of Bao’an District, Shenzhen.



Be responsible for implementing the business, economic and financial decisions decided by the chairman, organizing the establishment and improvement of production and operation management, implementing the responsibility system and performance evaluation system at all levels, implementing unified leadership and line responsibility, and approving the implementation of rewards and punishments according to the evaluation results, so as to ensure the construction period, quality, safety and efficiency.

attaches importance to the internal management and development of the enterprise, strictly implements the ISO management system, and takes the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality management system certification, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification.

Lead to establish and improve the company’s human resource management system, organize the formulation of policies, and approve major personnel decisions.

It is highly praised by the construction unit and the supervision unit, and the influence and credibility of Shenda brand in the industry are increasing year by year.


The company absorbs professional talents from various professional colleges from time to time every year, so that the professional and technical team continues to develop and grow.

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Put forward the company’s business philosophy, lead the basic direction of corporate culture construction, create a good working and living environment, cultivate employees’ sense of belonging, and improve the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the enterprise.

It has many project management backbones engaged in the specialty for more than 20 years, dozens of middle and senior engineers, geotechnical engineers, and a group of experienced and high-quality management talents.

It has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

Handle major emergencies on behalf of the company and report to the board of directors in time.

Shenzhen University construction takes the market as the guidance, strives for survival by quality, takes safety as the guarantee and seeks development by reputation.

The company has the first-class qualification for professional contracting of foundation engineering and the second-class qualification for general contracting of municipal public works construction.






Lord Shen insists on honesty.

It has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

General business items are: Electrical door-to-door installation; Door to door installation of pipes and equipment.

Have the courage to explore and innovate, and build the company into a construction engineering company with reasonable adult talent structure, good ideological quality, advanced technical equipment, modern scientific management level and certain technical advantages and characteristics; 3.

Shenzhen adults with both virtue and talent, innovation and ambition, we work together to grow together and create a better future for urban construction and development and people’s ideal life.


Take quality and safety as social responsibility.

(except for the projects subject to approval before registration as stipulated by laws, administrative regulations and decisions of the State Council), the licensed business projects are: professional contracting of foundation and foundation construction; It is mainly engaged in the construction of pile foundation, soft foundation treatment, foundation pit and slope support, earthwork and building reinforcement and deviation correction works; Construction, decoration and decoration of construction works.

Formulate and implement the company’s overall development strategy, complete the annual business objectives issued by the chairman, lead all departments of the company to establish good and sound communication channels, be responsible for building an efficient and United team and managing the work of directly affiliated departments.

We are committed to building the safest and strongest project in China with exquisite technology.




The group general manager of Shenzhen Shenda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Propose the company’s organizational structure setting plan.

The company pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents.


According to the resolution of the chairman of the company, organize the formulation of the company’s business policies, business objectives and business plans, decompose them to various departments and organize their implementation.

Shenzhen University construction is committed to providing professional engineering technology and first-class management services for major construction units.


Be responsible for formulating and implementing various rules and regulations, reform plans and reform measures of the company.

Be responsible for the selection of the company’s investment projects.


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