Winter reading punch in 07 | a modern architectural theory book for everyone in MIT architecture department!

At the same time, he is also a planner and urban designer, who has undertaken a large number of urban planning and urban design tasks.

The author is deputy director of Harvard GSD master of design program and professor of architectural theory, which enjoys a high reputation in the academic community.

Kelly, James C.

This paper practically introduces the aesthetic thinking, form, language and expression of the details of landscape architecture, widely explores the essentials of landscape architecture design, and summarizes the details of landscape architecture as a basic design behavior that pays attention to practical results and is full of poetry through the completed examples of landscape architecture design.

I’m still 01 minutes away from completing the punch in.

4 the art of landscape architecture details 04 this book clearly shows the position of landscape architecture details in the design process through a large number of drawings and text materials of historical and contemporary landscape architecture design works.

3 modern landscape: a critical review mordernlandscapearchitecture: acriticalreviewday03 the 23 articles in this book provide us with the evaluation criteria, main achievements and corresponding limitations of landscape design in the period dominated by modernism.

At the same time, it provides a design method that often records the feeling and thinking of shapes, which will be of great benefit to personal accumulation.

Finally, it analyzes how to better apply creativity through cases.

Jiandao reading punch in plan architecture / landscape / urban planning required books selected resources of famous school tutors are free! Fee! Collar! Supervise each other with excellent archilucky to help you get the advantage of dream school offer punch in ● make use of the holiday concentration ● charge in spare time ● meet the learning needs of architecture majors ● get a full set of PDF resource list content 1 architectural vocabulary conceptsourcebookday01 this is a Book Introducing architectural ideas and a reference book for architectural designers.

This book takes his symbiotic philosophy as the main line and combs and summarizes the planning and design ideas gradually formed in decades.

Readers can imitate, develop, combine and improve them into their own ideas, stimulate new ideas, and enhance their ability to draw schematic diagrams.

It contains 48 notes on architectural theory, 12 important project cases, and many monographs published for the first time.

Different from the general planning theory works, this book emphasizes the combination of planning and design theory and creative practice, and modifies the past planning and design theory through practice.

Ross, Fletcher Steele and Christopher Donald in the 1930s and 1940s, but also pierce Lewis, Catherine Howitt, John Dixon hunt The latest research and practical achievements of contemporary scholars and designers such as Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz.

When we have a comprehensive and continuous understanding of the evolution process of western architectural theory (the year is the node), we may really find our own architectural language in this era, or at least find the direction to help architects establish a framework system.

This book collects thousands of schematic diagrams of ideas.

5 ideas and methods of urban design of Jizhang Kurokawa philosophyof urbandesignanditsplanningthemethodbykishokurokawaday05 many architectural works of Jizhang Kurokawa have a certain influence in the Japanese architectural circles and even the international architectural circles, and his achievements in architectural theory have also attracted people’s attention.

This book contains not only a series of far-reaching articles written by Garrett eckerberg, Dan U.

The image of the city 06 this book is about the appearance of the city, its importance and variability.

Giving urban visual form is a special and quite new design problem.

At the same time, it also provides clear and systematic ideas for the potential direction of the future development of landscape design discipline.

It is very enlightening to all designers.

It is by far the most complete representative of modern architectural theory, including some articles that have never been published in English before.

At the same time, it helps to share each other’s records and gain more creativity and inspiration.

2 1001 forms of architectural design 1001 # building for msday02 the content of this book includes thinking about the shape, the formal characteristics of three-dimensional space, why it exists and what its characteristics are.

It is an architectural reference book.

Architecture architecture in 1968 is the first comprehensive historical description of the emergence of architectural theory and the most authoritative discussion on this subject.

“1001 forms of architectural design” affirms the value and necessity of records.

It also proposes 12 projects or events with significant theoretical impact.

The idea is expressed in the way of schematic diagram and brief text.

Urban design is related to architecture, but not limited to architectural design..

This expression is a unique expression of architectural design, which is very important and must be mastered by architectural designers.

This book divides many problems of architectural design into five categories, subdivides the five categories into 106 small topics, and sorts out various conceptual diagrams.

This anthology introduces the main texts of 48 architectural theories, and introduces the concepts and categories of each interpretation, the necessary understanding and evaluation.

Bolt Anchor

Among the many roles of the city, the urban landscape is also a visible, memorable and gratifying source for people.


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