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In order to better summarize and exchange the valuable experience of clinical use, the editor of Journal of Xinjiang Medical University & lt; Positive & gt; In recent years, with the acceleration of population aging, the number of patients undergoing joint replacement has increased sharply.

It can effectively alleviate the symptoms of waist and knee weakness, waist and spine pain, limb numbness, virtual restlessness and insomnia caused by osteoporosis, and improve the bone mineral density of patients###& lt; Positive & gt& quot; Tong Xi Tong & quot; (triamcinolone acetonide injection) is a long-acting glucocorticoid produced by Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has strong and lasting anti-inflammatory and anti allergic effects.

61 patients were followed up for 12 ~ 73 months.

The intraoperative bleeding volume was 100 ~ 400ml, with an average of 194.8ml.

Methods from July 2005 to July 2011, 61 patients (70 hips) with ankylosed hip underwent total hip arthroplasty.

This topic is divided into two parts: secondary study and prospective study, closely focusing on the safety and effect of joint replacement ### objective to explore the characteristics and clinical effect of total hip replacement in patients with hip ankylosis.

Journal Publication (provincial journals, national journals, Peking University core journals, SCI journals, etc.), topics, patents, monographs, scientific research projects Our advantages: directly connect with the leaders in the society and employ them safely.

The clinical effect was evaluated by Harris score standard and radiology.

Facing the new characteristics of clinical nutrition development and the increase of clinical demand, it is very necessary to carry out clinical nutrition curriculum education for clinical medicine specialty in order to adapt to the rapid development of modern medicine###& lt; Positive & gt; It is a modern traditional Chinese medicine carefully composed of donkey hide gelatin, Codonopsis pilosula, rehmannia, medlar, oyster and other traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and treat primary osteoporosis and promote fracture healing.

It is suitable for rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, tenosynovitis, synovitis, chronic low back and leg pain, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and a variety of skin and eye diseases.

The causes are related to role transformation, treatment of doctor-patient relationship, employment pressure, etc### Clinical nutrition plays a more and more important role in disease adjuvant treatment and rehabilitation.

The patients were followed up 1, 3, 6, 12 months after operation and once a year thereafter.

The operation time was 50 ~ 90min, with an average of 65.4min.

Medical students with ten-year reputation brand have obvious anxiety and tension in the early stage of their internship in children’s stomatology.

The product belongs to class B of medical insurance, with wide clinical indications.

Results all patients with hip ankylosis underwent total hip arthroplasty (THA).

The main reasons for this result are the lack of safety and effect evaluation, the lack of perioperative safety evaluation and risk prevention, and the lack of scientific and objective effect evaluation system.

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Due to the rapid development of technology, poor standardization, lack of access standards, expansion of surgical indications and excessive medical treatment, the mortality, disability rate and complication rate are high, and the medical expenses are doubled, which brings a heavy burden to patients, families and society, causes medical disputes and affects social stability.

It can provide basic treatment and raw materials for bone construction (calcium, collagen, VD and trace elements); It can also promote bone formation and inhibit bone resorption.


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