What will be the impact of dishonesty in the qualification of construction enterprises?

It can be said that whether the qualification certificate or the safety certificate is the proof for the construction company to enter the construction market.

These behaviors include housing security, real estate market, construction market and project quality, urban construction, etc., and basically cover all aspects of the construction field, such as construction market and project quality and safety.

Enterprises should pay attention to these aspects in their usual production activities…

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the impact of dishonesty on the qualification of construction enterprises.

The credit information of construction enterprises can be directly reflected on the enterprise credit platform.

Generally, the validity period of the construction qualification certificate is 5 years and the validity period of the work safety license is 3 years.

101 kinds of dishonesty in the construction field.

After the expiration of the construction qualification certificate, the construction enterprise needs to apply for the extension of the qualification certificate.

In fact, these activities are the basis of the construction business of construction enterprises.


Market constraints, industry constraints and social constraints are aimed at the market operation activities, credit rating evaluation and enterprise credit detection of construction enterprises.

With the development of construction industry, the credit of construction enterprises is becoming more and more important, and its impact on enterprises is becoming more and more important.

We know that in addition to the restrictive measures for enterprises, it is also important to specify 101 kinds of dishonesty in the construction field.

It can be said that the behavior of enterprises is restricted by all aspects.

How can construction qualification companies avoid dishonesty? First, construction enterprises need to obtain qualification certificates and safety production licenses according to regulations, which is the premise for construction enterprises to carry out engineering business.

With the continuous improvement of the construction industry system, the credit of construction qualification companies is more transparent.

If there are problems with these certificates, it will affect the normal business development of the construction company.

If the enterprise is the quality and safety accident of the above project, or more than two large-scale project quality and safety accidents occur within a year, Or quality and safety accidents with significant social impact, if urban construction enterprises fail to obtain the gas operation license for operating urban gas, they will be included in the dishonest list.

Disciplinary measures for construction enterprise qualification dishonesty for the credit subjects included in the Joint Disciplinary list of dishonest enterprises, the main disciplinary measures are divided into four categories: Administrative restraint and punishment; Market constraints and discipline; Industry constraints and discipline; Social restraint and punishment.

Construction enterprises must meet the requirements of qualification standards within the validity period of qualification certificates, and carry out engineering construction according to the standard requirements to avoid safety accidents.

The above is about the impact of dishonesty on the qualification of construction enterprises.

If the enterprise is included in the dishonest list, it will also have a great impact on the company.


These activities will also have an impact on the engineering business of enterprises if they are restricted and constrained.


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Administrative restraint and punishment refer to the strict examination of the approval items of the administrative license of the construction enterprise, and the strict control of the issuance of the enterprise safety production license, including the approval of new projects.

The business development of construction enterprises is more and more linked to credit.


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