What is the situation in the spotlight outdoor architectural design industry when a small design institute is on unpaid leave and a large

The former design institute had an excellent reputation in society, and it was widely believed that the designers in the institute had high income, high status, and technical skills. They could easily earn money by drawing a few pictures. That’s right, this was indeed the case before 2010. Many design institutes were once part of a career organization and did enjoy extremely high treatment in the last century..

But with the development of society, these state-owned design institutes have shifted from public institutions to state-owned enterprises, and the transformation of their attributes has led to significant changes in their working methods. This conforms to the “China’s Great Infrastructure” strategy of those years, and also allows the design institute to truly enter a market-oriented competitive system..

A few years ago, the real estate industry developed well, and private design institutes registered companies through affiliation. There are countless design institutes of this kind, and by finding a qualification and hiring a drawing company, they can take on the planning and design business of developers; Industrial design institutes have a lot of business to do for the government..

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With the continuous deepening of real estate market regulation in recent years, the market dividend has faded, and the design institute’s life is also difficult. Only when the tide recedes can we know who is swimming naked, and the design industry is no exception. Starting from the second half of 2023, it has been reported that the design institute of Nanjing Architectural Design and Research Institute is in arrears of wages, the research institute of Fushun Architectural Design Institute is taking a three-month “unpaid leave”, and a design institute in Suzhou is suspended and waiting for work… These large design institutes have already done so, and what is the survival status of small design institutes?.

Over the past year, many design institutes have been in a precarious situation, with no projects available as the norm. In addition, some architectural design institutes have also encountered difficulties due to poor management and broken funding chains. A construction planning and design company in Zhejiang Province has issued a notice of work stoppage before the the Year of the Loong New Year. The notice indicates that during the period of work stoppage, the company will pay wages for work stoppage; In the posts under this news, there are actually quite a few envious people, because they are also in a “vacation” state, and during the “vacation” period, “the company does not pay wages and pays basic social security fees on behalf of them, which are also borne by individuals.”..

“Since the adjustment of the real estate industry, the spotlight has been filled with the presence of real estate developers. Our design institute is a service industry, and we have hardly had the opportunity to reach the forefront. In the years after 2015, the real estate market was good, and we had worked on many real estate projects. At that time, we really wanted to split a day into two.” Netizen “Mr. Hua Tu” told a reporter from Zhejiang Business that he had founded a Grade B design institute in Huzhou. However, since three years ago, the total number of projects in the market has been declining, and competition pressure has been increasing year by year. Finally, in early 2023, the Huzhou company was shut down and returned to Wenzhou..

From the bidding market, the reporter found that many mini projects have attracted numerous design institutes and construction companies to bid. Taking the public health improvement project in the eastern part of Wuxing District as an example, the project covers an area of only 9.55 acres and has a total construction area of less than 15000 square meters. However, it has attracted four architectural design institutes, including Huzhou Planning and Design Institute, to participate in bidding. A dormitory building with a total construction area of less than 2500 square meters at Huzhou Modern Agricultural Technology School has attracted over 600 construction companies to participate in bidding. The intense market competition can be imagined..

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