What does the visual model of building skin do

In VMU, the proportional relationship of various components of architectural design can be observed, such as the size and depth of decorative lines, the proportion of plate division, etc; Test some functions, such as opening windows, sunshades, lighting effects, etc., and actually feel their functions, effects and comfort; Test the processing, installation process and quality control difficulty of curtain wall and verify the details to be determined in some design process.

So, what does the visual model of building skin do and how to do it? We have done some combing based on many project experience for reference.

Each project has a set cost and quality positioning, and each architect has his own design concept and pursuit.

The core value of CAC architectural consulting is to help architects and owners solve the technical problems of each project and improve the quality of the project.

In consideration of bidding and procurement, it is necessary for the architect to select materials suitable for the project from different manufacturers (such as at least two), and the color difference of the two manufacturers is within the acceptable range of the architect, so it is necessary to make VMU visual samples for observation and comparison on the wall; Observe the matching effect of materials.

Generally, we will recommend the manufacturing method and size of VMU in combination with the intention of the architect and the project time and cost budget given by the owner.

In VMU, the matching effect of different materials in buildings at the same time may be biased or even completely different when looking at the sample independently; Whether the measured component proportion is coordinated.

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The comparison applies to selecting only panel materials.

In this way, when constructing in a real large area in the future, the construction unit will have more choices, or in other words, no matter which manufacturer’s products they choose, they can meet the building requirements, avoid the re sample selection due to changing manufacturers in the later stage, and let VMU truly ensure the landing of the building.

However, due to the fact that all components and panels are purchased according to the needs of the actual project, the procurement volume of VMU is small, and the customized procurement cycle of each type of materials will be longer.

The premise of adopting this method for actual mold opening and proofing is that firstly, the production budget of VMU is relatively abundant, and the mold opening and proofing can be carried out completely according to the drawings.

Determine the color and texture of panels and exterior components, and more intuitively observe the actual effect of materials through the actual size of the template on the wall   Provide decision-making for final sample selection.

Architects, owners and consultants can observe at any time, observe in different weather and different periods, and can feel the feeling brought by the scene on the spot.

In the process of building skin design, we almost always suggest the owner to make a 1:1 visual model on the premise of time, for the architect, the owner and the consultant to observe and test together, and make a certain degree of evaluation and optimization adjustment from the aspects of material selection, tone, technology and comfort.

The simulation VMU does not reflect the performance requirements and functional comfort experience, but only shows the proportional relationship between the effect of building facade materials in large size and the division size and component size.

focuses on architectural skin design and consulting services, adheres to creating more value for customers, puts forward the design concept of “better is innovation”, and adheres to ingenuity and responsibility.

All the effects reflected on VMU are the effects shown in the actual project in the future, including various details, performance, comfort, sensory effects, etc.

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There may be several situations where the material sample is relatively satisfactory or the best one cannot be identified.

The common VMU manufacturing sites are: the open space on the project site, the processing plant of the construction unit, the main body of the actual project, the open space around the project department, the factory of material suppliers, etc.

Based on the intention of CS, the VMU manufacturing unit selects matching materials from the corresponding manufacturers or other manufacturers for manufacturing on the wall.

The production of entity sample can assist the owner and architect to determine the most suitable sample; Provide clear vendor alternatives for procurement.

We believe that the value of skin design is to assist the architectural scheme to achieve perfect landing quality, adhere to better design concepts, constantly challenge ourselves to create better, and strive to present better quality for each architectural work…

Of course, before making VMU, the architect had better select the control samples first.

Of course, it is best to use the back plate behind the glass to simulate the indoor space.

We hope to find another value concept in the projects we cooperate with and find better quality in a certain cost system, which is another better and more advanced way of cost saving.

Generally, there are three methods to choose from: actual mold opening proofing, simulation proofing and simple panel proofing.

If conditions permit, it is recommended that several manufacturers meeting the project requirements should be selected at the same time, and each product can meet the actual requirements of the architect and the performance requirements put forward by the consultant.

The production method can also be selected according to the project time and cost budget.

The production method is to only make all kinds of panels on the wall, and the back of the panel is supported and fixed by a simple steel keel.

Accurate sample selection for VMU production target.

Many projects are unlikely to adopt this method due to the problem of time cycle.

Such VMU can best reflect the actual site conditions, and the observation time is flexible.

According to the actual situation of the project, the sample of similar VMU on the wall can be one or more products.

Compared with the previous actual proofing method, this method has low cost and short cycle, but can not show the actual processing and installation.

Site selection is different for each project.

This method only observes the effect of panel or exterior components, and does not observe any internal components or indoor effects.

CS is generally a small sample, such as glass, aluminum plate, stone or other panels, which is 300 × 300 size sample, spraying color card or national standard color number, hardware brand and product model, etc.

The purpose of making visual template VMU (visionmock up) is to enable designers to intuitively confirm the overall state of the selected material tone, texture and proportion in the actual site, and understand some detail structures and performance through the production of visual template, which can also help the owner make some decisions on quality and cost to a certain extent.

Under the condition of ample time and cost, it is a better choice to build a steel frame or concrete structure to make VMU on the main body of the actual project or on the open space on the site.

Hangzhou Vanke Asian Games Village project VMU simple panel proofing is expected to spend limited cost and time on VMU production, so simple panel proofing can be adopted.

Chongqing Raffles Plaza VMU    Simulation proofing     The simulation proofing method is relatively common, that is, the rigid keel is used for support, and the keel is wrapped with the exterior aluminum plate of the same color to show the effect of the profile, but it is ensured that the panel is an equal proportion of the actual material.


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