What does the saying “add walls to the wall, and your family will perish” mean? Aren’t all buildings “add walls to the wall”

Once there is a problem with the load-bearing, the house may collapse.

Therefore, some people think that the common saying spread by the ancients is feudal superstition, which is wrong.

Therefore, if the family wants to build a house again on the original house, there will be some problems.? ▲ in fact, the collapsed houses are in the best state for the people, so the load-bearing is carefully set according to the original houses.

In fact, this sentence is a common saying from the countryside of our country.

As we all know, China is an ancient country with a long history, so our country’s culture is one of the best in the world.

As for the change of dynasties in ancient times, the debate of theories, poetry, songs and Fu.

It represents the whole house built by the people.

Although there are some exaggerated elements, it must not be classified as feudal superstition…

Because the houses that have been built before are the houses that have reached the best state in all aspects.

But in fact, there are still some philosophies about architecture in China.

Housing orientation, Feng Shui and surrounding environment are also some problems that people consider a lot when building.? ▲ the site of an ancient building can be described as a feeling of “the people are safe, and the work is clumsy.

Among these inheritances, the poems and songs created by literati naturally do not need to be mentioned.

Therefore, it is under this historical background that our country has a lot of historical and cultural heritage.

It also contains some of our ancients’ expectations for a better life and early warning of hidden dangers.

03 literally, this sentence actually means that if the wall is added on the already built wall again, it will lead to the destruction of the family.

Some of the buildings they built have been preserved to this day, which is an extremely precious historical heritage of our country.

In fact, there are some exaggerations in this statement, and the wall does not only represent the wall.

Therefore, it is because ancient people saw this hidden danger that they created a saying like “adding walls to walls, breaking down families and killing people”.

Of course, with the continuous development of China’s construction industry, the ancient saying is not necessarily suitable for our modern architecture.

And this cultivated land is actually food.

On the contrary, these people do not pay special attention.? ▲ in ancient times, people attached great importance to the construction of their own houses.

After all, the house built by our family is our own home and a place to settle down.

Therefore, if the roof is to be covered again on this basis, the load-bearing of the roof will be a problem.

Why pay Mingde, and the age is not the same”.

In fact, these are the issues that the rural people are really concerned about.

These things are famous all over the world.? ▲ the great wall of our country, so what we want to talk about today is actually some ancient architectural cultures of our country.

There are also many folk buildings, which are also the wisdom inherited to us today.? ▲ everyone must have heard of the saying “add walls to the wall, break down the family and die” in the Forbidden City of China.

Therefore, for the construction of this house, the people are carefully selected, and are extremely cautious about both appearance and material layout.

In the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation, there are countless wise ancients.

Introduction in Li Bai’s difficult road to Shu: “there is a high standard of six dragons returning to the sun, and there is a high standard of rushing back to Sichuan.” This sentence is a description of the magnificent phenomenon of ancient architecture.

Only then did we have the popular saying about architecture in ancient rural areas of China: “adding walls to walls breaks down families and kills people.” In fact, this sentence is not difficult to understand.

It takes ordinary people to exhaust their savings before they can successfully build them.

Think of the people who paid all their savings to build their own houses.? ▲ if modern housing construction really caused housing collapse, it would be a real loss.

However, in fact, the products of architecture in our country are far more than these famous buildings at home and abroad.

Foot Mounted Anchor

And also use this to warn the public that they must not treat their houses like this, otherwise it will be difficult to bear the consequences.

Therefore, it is precisely because the construction of houses is a major event for the people.

As we all know, the Old Summer Palace, the great wall and the Forbidden City are all symbols of the architectural wisdom of the ancients in China and the pride of our modern Chinese people.

It is obviously the most appropriate word to use here.

In fact, strictly speaking, there is a certain degree of exaggeration in this proverb.

So what exactly does this sentence mean? What kind of architectural wisdom does it contain? In fact, because our country has been a small-scale peasant economy for generations, the people in ancient rural areas in China attached great importance to their own cultivated land.

It has been passed down from generation to generation in China’s rural areas, so up to now, many people in rural areas still believe in the saying of their ancestors.


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