Weifang Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development organized the city’s assembly construction site promotion meeting

Second, create a good development environment, adhere to government guidance, enhance enterprise development confidence, implement detailed deployment requirements, practice and summarize, focus on the immediate and key points, focus on weak links and problems, and comprehensively promote the expansion and increment of prefabricated buildings.

In the first stage, the participants observed typical production bases and engineering projects such as Weifang No.

The on-site promotion meeting is divided into two stages: on-site observation and centralized meeting.

Product introduction of Hubei Mingsen light steel villa earthquake resistance: it can resist a rare earthquake of magnitude 9 and is suitable for areas with seismic strength of magnitude 8 or above.

More than 50 people attended the meeting, including the person in charge of the municipal real estate development service center and the person in charge of the competent department, the person in charge of the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of each county and the person in charge of the competent department (unit), the person in charge of the urban map review organization and the chief technical engineer.

Construction period: the standardized assembly operation of light steel structure houses is simple and fast, saving two-thirds of the construction period compared with brick concrete structure.

The responsible comrades in charge of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Environmental protection: steel structure materials can be 100% recycled, and most of other supporting materials can be recycled.

The main business of the company: 1    Design and construction of light steel structure villa    two    Design and construction of wooden structure villa 3    Design and construction of heavy steel structure villa 4    Garden, landscape design and construction 5    Indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, whole house integrated decoration and customization 6    Sales of new environmental protection building decoration materials.

In order to conscientiously implement the provincial and municipal policies and arrangements on prefabricated buildings and accelerate the development of prefabricated buildings in our city, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development organized a site promotion meeting on prefabricated buildings in the city on September 9.

Fire resistance: according to different designs, the fire resistance time can reach 1 ~ 4 hours.

The meeting required that we should be problem-oriented, focus on the implementation of policy requirements at all levels, focus on the implementation of projects.

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Thermal insulation: the thermal resistance of 200mm thick composite wall can reach 3.2m2k/w, which is 11 times that of brick wall with equal thickness.

Wind resistance: it can resist a hurricane of 70m / s and the wind resistance grade is above grade 12.

Sound insulation: the sound insulation of the external wall can reach 65dB, The internal wall insulation volume can reach 45dB.

Third, earnestly implement the implementation plan on vigorously developing prefabricated buildings, the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of prefabricated buildings, and the notice on Further Strengthening the supervision of the construction of prefabricated buildings in the city, overcome difficulties, strengthen the efficient linkage mechanism of government departments, and strictly control the land supply and construction conditions of the project, Establish and improve the closed supervision mechanism of engineering construction, and strive to promote the healthy and rapid development of prefabricated buildings.

First, all counties and urban areas should speed up the pace, act quickly, create ideas and systems, plan, deploy and act early, strictly implement territorial responsibilities, and establish an efficient and standardized work promotion mechanism as soon as possible.

The meeting pointed out that we should comprehensively analyze the new problems, new situations and new tasks facing us, further improve our understanding, strengthen our confidence and determination, and solidly promote the development of prefabricated buildings.

Energy saving: new thermal insulation and thermal insulation materials are adopted to provide energy for heating and refrigeration, 65% more energy-efficient than traditional buildings: the utilization area of light steel integrated houses increases by 5% ~ 13% compared with traditional buildings.

3 Construction Technology Town, Longquan renju and Zhonghai Yuejiang mansion, and intuitively understood the production process of prefabricated building components, project construction and construction details of prefabricated buildings.

Durability: the service life of the main structure can reach more than 90 years.

Subsequently, the meeting informed the supervision of prefabricated buildings in the city, studied and interpreted relevant policy documents on prefabricated buildings, summarized and exchanged experience and practices in the development of prefabricated buildings, and arranged and deployed the tasks of prefabricated buildings.


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