Weekly report to the Ministry of housing and urban rural development for public comments on the code for seismic design of buildings; Dalian

It was announced that the “December 31” fire accident was an enterprise’s illegal construction of cold storage, illegal use of flammable thermal insulation materials and illegal use of electric welding hot work, resulting in the fire of thermal insulation materials, the generation of a large amount of toxic gas, the suffocation of 8 people and the heroic sacrifice of 1 firefighter, It has exposed many problems in Dalian fire safety management system, hidden danger investigation, law enforcement and supervision, emergency disposal, capacity-building and so on.

According to U.S.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at 6:40 and controlled the fire within 50 minutes.

A landslide occurred at the construction site under construction in Bijie, Guizhou Province.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to seriously carry out accident investigation, seriously pursue accountability, deal with the accident strictly, quickly and severely according to laws and regulations, and ensure that the cause of the accident is not found out, the responsible personnel are not dealt with, the rectification measures are not implemented, and the relevant personnel are not educated.

The fire killed 13 people, including 7 children, and injured 2 others in critical condition.

In the face of the global problem of interconnection, matter came into being.

media reports, the building was built around 1920 and was transformed into an apartment building in the 1950s.

8 industry dynamics 8 Hyman technology will launch intelligent sensing products based on siliconlabs chip and supporting matter protocol.

As people enter the era of intelligent life, smart home products are gradually accepted by users and the market demand is expanding.


On January 3, a landslide occurred at the construction site under construction in Jinhaihu new area, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, and 17 people were trapped.

and other units to revise the national standard code for seismic design of buildings, and now solicits opinions from the public.

5 the cause of the “December 31” fire in Dalian was announced.

Original text: a fire in an apartment in Philadelphia caused 13 deaths and 2 injuries.

2 the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the national centralized treatment plan for safety risks of hazardous chemicals, the people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, and relevant member units of the safety committee of the State Council, Relevant central enterprises: the national plan for centralized management of safety risks of hazardous chemicals has been approved by the central leading comrades and is hereby printed and distributed to you.

As of 23:05 on the 7th, 26 people had been rescued, including 16 dead, and the rest were being treated with all their strength.

For a long time, problems such as ecological fragmentation and difficult unification of standards have become increasingly prominent, which has become a serious obstacle to the large-scale outbreak of smart home.

Illegal construction! Illegal materials! Illegal hot work! At 12:10 on January 7, the canteen of Fengshan sub district office in Wulong District, Chongqing collapsed, with suspected gas leakage and explosion.

This indicates that the bidding law, which has been implemented for more than 20 years since 1999, will usher in an overhaul! The revision mainly involves some long-standing problems in the bidding field and widely concerned by the industry.

There are four smoke alarms in the building, which have failed at the time of the incident.

Matter is a unified connection protocol based on mature technology and IP.

Original text of work safety committee of the State Council on December 31, 2021: Notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the national plan for centralized management of safety risks of hazardous chemicals 3 National Development and Reform Commission: Bidding Law of the people’s Republic of China (Revised Draft for public comments); national development and Reform Commission issued the bidding law of the people’s Republic of China (Revised Draft for public comment) to solicit opinions from the public.

The transformation project complies with relevant regulations.

It provides communication channels and communication program language for smart home devices.

According to the Philadelphia fire department, the fire occurred in the early morning of the 5th local time.

We should properly deal with the aftermath, do a good job in the condolences and pensions of family members, and try our best to reduce the impact of the fire on the production and life of the surrounding people and merchants.

The addition of Hyman technology gradually expanded the scale of this emerging standards organization..

Policies and regulations 1.

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development publicly solicits opinions on the code for seismic design of buildings.

On the morning of January 3, a “December 31” fire accident site meeting was held in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

It can be used safely, reliably and seamlessly between cross brand and cross protocol devices.

Please earnestly implement it in combination with the actual situation.

We should increase investment, constantly improve the level of civil air defense, technical defense and material defense, strengthen fire safety training and practical drills, improve emergency rescue capacity, vigorously popularize fire safety knowledge and enhance the fire safety awareness of the whole people.

In 2019, Amazon, apple, Comcast, Google, Samsung smartthings and CSA connection Standards Alliance launched the development and promotion of matter standard.

Overhaul! Highlights of the revision of the Bidding Law: the bid winning candidates are no longer ranked, and the tenderee independently determines the safety accident of the bid winner.

According to the letter on agreeing to carry out the partial revision of two national standards such as the classification standard for seismic fortification of building projects issued by the standard and quota Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, The Ministry has organized China Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd.

Emergency, fire, health, public security and other departments worked together to rescue all night.

It is understood that 26 people were trapped at the scene.

Philadelphia Fire Department official Craig Murphy said at a news conference on the same day that there were 26 people in the apartment building at the time of the fire, 8 people managed to escape, and the number of casualties may rise.

Original: the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has publicly solicited opinions on the code for seismic design of buildings.

At about 14:00 on January 4, a person involved in rescue and disposal at the scene of the accident said that 17 trapped people had been found, of which 14 were killed and 3 were injured.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

13 people were killed and 3 injured.

A fire broke out in an apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, killing 13 people and wounding 2 others.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


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