Visual game architectural design firm Gensler office design appreciation in Raleigh, North Carolina

This open and transparent design attitude closely connects the interior space with the city culture.

The book area used to be planned in the basement, but now it has become a display in the space.

This design helps to establish a stronger relationship with suppliers.

Featured product applications – 1.

Everything in the room is related to Raleigh.

The collaborative furniture on the first floor can be easily moved to adapt to multiple functional uses.

From the open vision on the sidewalk to the sunny entrance lobby to the workstation on the second floor.

The new office faces the previous office across the street and is located on the first floor along Hillsborough street, a main road of the city.

The superior urban environment and transparent design enable designers to easily stand up and go out, and let passers-by see the indoor scene, which not only promotes sports and health, but also reflects the design concept.

Corn Magnetic Box

The geographical advantage of the office along the street also gives the brand a unique display form: the luminous sign set off by red steel plate is located at the corner, which is particularly eye-catching and prominent against the background of black brick wall.

Five green squares shape this beautiful city – Union Union Square, Burke Burke square, Caswell Caswell square, Nash Nash square and Moore Moore square – and these beautiful squares also become the name source of this office and meeting room.

Therefore, the design team creates a sense of space through ordinary elements (such as paint).

Although the whole design concept looks ambitious, the project budget is still very important.

This graphic wall has become the ingenious background of the most distinctive red railing stairs in the room.

Cesto leisure chair, brand: studiotk2, Kalm leisure chair, brand: studiotk3, clique module combination sofa, brand: studiotk4, Saarinen leisure chair, brand: knoll5, regeneration office chair, brand: knoll6, zody office chair, brand: haworth7, acoustic felt chandelier, brand: muuto ~ Brand show ~ capabilities, thank “Gensler” The copyright of pictures and texts belongs to the original author..

This line chart shows Gensler’s great potential in Raleigh city (second only to Abu Dhabi and Dubai), and also shows Gensler’s rising track in various cities, conveys a clear and heartfelt optimism, and points out how much key design work is needed in the future.

The customer facing area is placed in a more prominent place rather than hidden as before.

The design team interprets its design intention in an open and transparent form.

Because there are oaks everywhere, it is also known as the “Oak City”, and constructs the infrastructure of the city with large open public green space.

Through the dialogue with the city, the design closely connects the space with the city.

The mutual contrast between the two creates rich and interesting visual games in the room from any angle.

All materials are visible and interwoven throughout the workplace.

This clear and proud “hello” greeting is just an opening speech for Gensler to create a great future in Raleigh.

A very good design technique is to create a highly visual black-and-white graphic wall device in this double-layer elevated space (this figure depicts the forecast of personnel growth in the city where Gensler’s office is located).

Fashion office network design: Gensler address: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA area: 595 square meters time: 2019 Photography: mark herbothtags: architectural design, Gensler, dialogue between space and urban environment, open, transparent and diverse, black-and-white graphic wall device, black and red, visual game, Gensler design team makes full use of the urban environment, To build its office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The future can be expected.

The design of this case aims to highlight that each room and decoration can be used to promote change, rather than display and play with space.

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina.

Such geographical advantages will help Gensler create a more functional workspace for his team.


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