Valentine’s day people special | how do partners in art, architecture and sports get along?

What we have experienced has become a source of inspiration for our work.

We can only stay married if we work together.

By clarifying their respective roles, colleagues in the company will know how to cooperate with us.

There is no complicated reason behind it.

In this case, we also need to play a role.

Design is a more artistic and undefined process.

Work needs to be professional, so we try not to bring too many personal problems to work.

It would be too tired to set restrictions at every level of detail..

What kind of opportunity or moment makes you feel that the other person is your ideal partner? Rossana’s first year at UC Berkeley is also Lyndon’s last school year, so we have a year to coincide.

They are not only partners in life, but also partners in work.

Unlike our grandparents, we were born in different parts of the world.

Similarity and complementarity, tacit understanding and difference, appreciation and criticism, and ideal relations all seem to rush to harmonious coexistence in such a game.

Guo Xien & Hu Rushan: partner, confidant and husband and wife: it is difficult to define the relationship between Guo Xien and Hu Rushan in a single way – they were alumni, partners, old friends who had been with them for many years, and husband and wife who knew themselves and their enemies.

If we analyze the working style of designer couples, it is not difficult to understand the advantages of “couple file”.

Rossana is better at improving and promoting the project process and expressing ideas through words.

In this industry where rationality and sensibility go hand in hand, can “men and women match” bring a surprising balance? There are many well-known “husband and wife files” in our field.

After Rosana graduated from Princeton University, we worked with Michael Graves for several years, but we never worked in the same team.

We found that this way of working is the best way to promote things.

Of course, when we start a project, there will be more or less external forces to exert influence.

This is a continuous dialogue about design.

Our aesthetics are very similar and we have the same ideas and aspirations for the project.

They naturally switch between different roles, precipitate emotions with time, and forge trust with each other.

For example, when the Design Republic needs ruen to participate in the design space, rossana plays the role of senior manager of the Design Republic, and Lyndon puts forward the design scheme as a partner of ruen.

When two partners who share the same vision, trust each other, but can create from different perspectives work together, their design will become better.

We have our own strengths to make up for each other’s shortcomings.

At the family and personal level, we are very free.

We have different companies representing different positions, depending on which meetings we are in or what problems we are trying to solve.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we invite three pairs of partners who have worked together for many years: well-known architects Guo Xien and Hu Rushan, Olympic celebrities Xue Chen and Zhang Lin, musician Li daiguo and artist Li Shurui to share their way of getting along.

Since the establishment of Ruen Design Research Office in 2004, looking back at the beginning of hand in hand and along the way, what changes have taken place in your way of getting along? Many architectural design firms have husband and wife teams.

But 18 years later, our role naturally “precipitated” into what it is today.

It is not only efficient, but also has good results.

Anyway, it’s fun to work and share life together.

The experience of studying and working abroad has laid the foundation for our architectural thinking and design process.

Maybe it’s because of work needs.

But in general, most things are open and shared.

We let nature take its course and let anything enter the personal world freely.

Compared with other design and creative fields, the number of couples working together in the construction industry is particularly prominent.

Our background is like a mixture of many different things.

Fang and yuan, such as Guo Xien and Hu Rushan, deal with buildings every day; Line and surface express the dependence of partners by abstracting Yin and Yang.

Ring Clutch

Later, we came to Shanghai and worked together.

Unlike chemistry, design elements have fixed combination formulas and then create a result.

Architects need to spend a lot of time on work, so it’s natural for couples to work together, so we’ll have more time together.

As a partner, as a leader in the same field, as a partner, as an old friend who knows himself and his enemy; In the face of different identities and relationships, do the two have different ways to deal with it? Because we deal with each other at different levels (work and life), a very important point in our relationship is role-playing.

Work and life are inseparable.

We left our hometown when we were young, went to the west to study and learn English, and finally returned to Asia to start our architectural design practice.

We seem to know that one day we will work together.

We have similar growth backgrounds.

Lyndon is good at putting forward the overall concept of the project and is good at painting.

The list is long.

Can you share with us the specific division of labor between the two from ruen design research office to the Design Republic, and then to different large and small projects during this period? We are always a team.

So even when we travel, we will look for and observe things related to work.

Back to the beginning, we have never “defined” our roles.

Our division of labor depends flexibly on time, enforceability and interest.

In 2004, we decided to start our own company.

We don’t need to set rules and say “Oh, we can’t talk about work at home”.

Everything is natural.

It doesn’t need to be written, and colleagues know how to get along with us.


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