[Urban affairs] Jining has demolished nearly 18000 square meters of illegal buildings!

Up to now, nearly 18000 square meters of illegal buildings have been demolished, fully reflecting the responsibility and determination of administration according to law, efficient law enforcement, and resolutely safeguarding people’s interests.

Recently, the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Jining District continued to maintain a high pressure, with a “zero tolerance” attitude and a “serious” action, and carried out a centralized demolition and rectification action against many illegal buildings in urban and rural areas in accordance with the law, to fully safeguard public interests and eliminate potential safety hazards.

With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, many citizens began to worry about what they could do at home if they felt unwell? What other symptoms will occur? What if I can’t buy medicine? Identify the following QR code and enter the Jining drug purchase sharing group and the Jining Yang patient exchange group to understand the feeling of discomfort symptoms through real life! Illegal buildings not only encroach on social public resources and public interests of the people, but also seriously affect the appearance of the city and the order of urban planning and construction, and there are great security risks.

Formwork Clamp

At the demolition site, the law enforcement personnel performed their respective duties, made detailed arrangements and arrangements for the demolition site, carefully inspected the inside and outside of the building and the surrounding environment, persuaded the parties to leave, and arranged workers to properly handle the potential safety hazards such as water and electricity in the house to ensure the safety of the demolition work.

It is understood that more than 50 law-enforcement personnel, more than 30 law-enforcement vehicles and 10 operating vehicles were dispatched for the operation.

The relevant person in charge of the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau said that the next step would be to continue to strengthen the law enforcement efforts, strengthen the publicity of relevant policies and regulations, and resolutely investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal and illegal construction activities with the attitude and determination of daring to act hard, so as to find one place, rectify one place and demolish one place·

In order to ensure the smooth demolition of illegal buildings, the urban management and law enforcement personnel, in conjunction with relevant departments, based on facts and laws, conduct ideological work by entering the house many times, appeal to emotion and reason, and pave the way for the demolition of illegal buildings through case interpretation, publicity of relevant laws and regulations, etc.

All law enforcement departments shall cooperate with each other and work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the work of dismantling violations.

● Law enforcement personnel demolish illegal buildings in accordance with the law.


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