Turning A4 paper into magic, the artist uses a piece of paper to make three-dimensional buildings

The charming creation of transforming paper from 2D media into 3D is the goal pursued by paper artists.

Callesen’s works span many different styles, from the story book castle to the high tower to the ancient Greek ruins.

In each work, he will cut, score and fold the paper to complete the micro building.

However, even if it is completed, he will keep the building on the original paper, highlighting the magical transformation from paper to micro building.

The thickness and small size of the paper bring a sense of vulnerability to the paper carving, and also highlight the tragic and romantic themes in his creation, because although each work is still connected with its source, There is no possibility of escape, but the negative space and 2D plane gap left by cutting and cutting highlight the contrast between the 3D reality it creates..

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

Callesen said that the reason for using A4 white paper is that this material is closely related to everyone, and A4 paper is very neutral and can be given different meanings.

The miniature building created by artist and Architect Peter callesen with ordinary A4 white paper looks like a replica of a real building, which is one of the most amazing creations.


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