Top 10 Most Influential Brand Enterprises in Architectural Design of China in 2023 (7)

Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Architectural Design of China in 2023: Revealed.

The “Architecture China’s Most Influential Brand” selection activity is jointly initiated by ARCHINA Architecture China, the most influential authoritative portal in the Chinese construction industry, and the Architecture China New Media Data Research Center. With a profound understanding and insight into the industry since its establishment 20 years ago, it has witnessed and recorded the rapid development of Chinese architectural design enterprise brands..

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ARCHINA Architecture China was founded in Shanghai in 2003 and has been deeply involved in the design industry for 20 years. With functional websites as its database base, it has a full media matrix and communication channels. It has hosted over 1000 industry events, interviewed nearly 500 famous architects and senior executives, and has a vertical fan base of 2 million users. Its official community is over 60, and its cooperative enterprises are over 5000. The average monthly views are 20 million, covering 20 countries and regions across the country and the world. At present, it is the platform with the most media value and resource integration in the construction industry, committed to building an ecosystem of urban, real estate, architecture, and cultural innovation. ARCHINA Architecture China’s vision is committed to bringing influence value to design brands, inspiring, connecting, and catalyzing industrial possibilities, empowering different functional individuals in the vertical field of design, and creating an ecosystem where “design power” and “sustainability” coexist..

The third “Building China’s Most Influential Brand” selection in 2023 is based on enterprise self recommendation, media and association recommendations. The purpose is to conduct authoritative evaluations from four dimensions: new media influence, media coverage, conference forums, and professional awards through comprehensive research and inventory of enterprises, focusing on industry brand influence, expanding brand influence, and enhancing brand competitiveness; Supporting the creation of strategic and future oriented excellent enterprises and brands..

5497 candidate enterprises were selected for this year’s selection, excluding invalid data and non architectural design enterprises. 1350 architectural design enterprises officially participated in the selection, and were comprehensively evaluated through the WMAA brand evaluation system. Finally, the top 10 most influential architectural design enterprises in China for the year 2023 (the third edition) were selected..

China Institute of Architectural Standards Design and Research Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Institute of Standards”) was founded in 1956. Its predecessor was a directly affiliated public institution of the Ministry of Construction. In 2000, it was transformed into a central technology-based enterprise and is now under the jurisdiction of China Construction Technology Group..

As a national high-tech enterprise, the Standards Institute integrates the system advantages of “establishing standards, strengthening technology, and promoting academic development”, with the three basic business sectors of standards, design, and research as the core, forming six business clusters: green and low-carbon leading, standard policy driven, innovative technology support, major engineering leaders, main body of livelihood engineering, and support for civil defense and underground space protection engineering, focusing on fourteen key development areas, Including: green and low-carbon, standardization of engineering construction, residential areas, building isolation and shock absorption, civil air defense and underground space, prefabricated buildings, health and medical care, elderly care buildings, accessible facilities, integrated development, educational buildings, urban renewal, rural revitalization, digital and intelligent fields, committed to using innovative technology integration service providers in the field of urban and rural construction to assist local governments and enterprises.


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