Too dangerous! In case of fire in high-rise buildings in Changsha, we should master the knowledge of fire prevention and risk avoidance in

If you want to escape successfully in a high-rise building fire accident, you have to rely on the self rescue building to have a refuge floor with a height of more than 100m! According to the requirements, super high-rise public buildings with a building height of more than 100 meters must be provided with refuge floors.

If you are in a super high-rise building with a height of more than 100 meters, it is difficult to evacuate.

In case of fire, the elevator is out of service, and personnel evacuation mainly depends on evacuation stairs.

If the stairwell can not effectively prevent smoke and fire intrusion, smoke will soon fill the stairwell, seriously hindering personnel evacuation.

The chimney effect refers to the phenomenon that indoor air rises or falls along the space with vertical slope, causing the air to strengthen convection.

If there is a fire outside, you should first judge the fire point and size of the fire.

If there is a fire upstairs, you should run downstairs.

If the fire separation measures are not considered in the design or the fire separation measures are not handled properly, they will be like towering chimneys when a fire occurs, and become a way of rapid fire spread.

These hoistways generally run through several or the whole floor.

There are many stories in high-rise buildings, and the vertical evacuation distance is far.

The building materials of the whole refuge floor are incombustible, and there are also special smoke exhaust and air supply facilities, fire telephone lines, etc.

Combustible materials can also release a lot of heat, combustible gas and toxic smoke during combustion, which is very dangerous.

High rise building fire fighting with great difficulty is mainly based on indoor fire water supply facilities.

You should make full use of the refuge floor set in the building as a temporary shelter for rescue.

According to preliminary understanding, the fire started on the fifth floor, and the fire spread rapidly to the top floor of the main building.

High rise buildings with multiple and fast fire spreading ways are equipped with vertical tube wells such as stairwells, elevator shafts, pipe shafts, cable shafts, exhaust ducts, garbage ducts, etc.

When putting out a fire, firefighters have to rush to the high-rise buildings “fully armed”, which not only consumes a lot of physical strength, but also “collides” with people evacuated from top to bottom, delaying fire fighting.


In case of fire, smoke and fire spread rapidly vertically, which makes it difficult to evacuate safely.

Fire caused by illegal operation When conducting electric cutting, gas cutting and welding for maintenance buildings and equipment, improper operation or violation of operating procedures may cause fire.

In recent years, the number of high-rise buildings increased year by year, which also brought great fire risks, In 2021, 4057 high-rise building fires were reported in China, causing 168 deaths, an increase of 22.6% over the previous year, and mainly concentrated in residential areas, including 3438 high-rise residential fires and 155 deaths, accounting for 84.7% and 92.3% of high-rise building fires respectively.

A building with a height of 30 storeys and a height of about 100 meters takes only 30 seconds for smoke to escape from the first floor to the top floor in an unstoppable way.

Accidental use of fire may cause open fire in the kitchen.

High rise buildings usually have complex internal structures, various equipment and many fire factors.

In high-rise buildings, the more electrical equipment, the greater the probability of electrical fire.

The higher the building, the greater the wind speed.

Select the appropriate escape route.

It takes a long time to evacuate to a safe place.


In addition, some high-rise buildings do not consider fire elevators.

It is difficult to evacuate safely.

Fortunately, the open fire in the building had been extinguished by 19:30, and no casualties were caused.

Magnetic Recess Former

Some combustible gas leakage may cause deflagration in case of open fire, children playing with fire, and smoking carelessly.

Remember, close the door, close the door with a wet towel, call 119 quickly and wait for rescue! How to correctly escape from high-rise building fires: China’s emergency management..

What if the exit is sealed by the smoke fire? If the exit is blocked by smoke or fire and cannot be crossed safely, you should choose to close the door on the current floor for refuge instead of running up or down.

Fire factors are complex.

According to statistics, 30% of high-rise building fires are caused by electrical causes.

The reason why the fire in high-rise building fires spread rapidly upward stems from the “chimney effect” formed by high-rise buildings.


On the other hand, many decoration materials and indoor furnishings of high-rise buildings are combustible materials, which can speed up combustion.

Experiments have proved the harmfulness of the “chimney effect”.


On the afternoon of September 16, 218 meters high, the scene of the sudden fire in China Telecom Building, located in the urban area of Changsha, looked very terrible.

If the stairs are blocked by smoke and fire, firefighters cannot rush up, and fire fighting is more difficult.

Run up or down? If there is a fire downstairs, if there is thick smoke in the stairwell, do not escape through the stairwell blindly.

In addition, wind factors also contribute to the rapid spread of high-rise building fires.


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