Timeless British classics: the magnificent historical buildings and houses in Sussex

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It is used to meet the residents’ sense of security, comfort and privacy.

The family moved from Australia with only one sofa, mattress and several works of art, so the designer had to buy all the items in the house, including antiques.

This magnificent house in Sussex, England, was once owned by the Duchess of Cornwall, but it was transferred to a young family in 2019.

CN)*   Colorful Mediterranean style resort villa on Ibiza Island*   Florida has snow-white houses from the French colonial period*   An exotic Bali style villa on Ibiza Island*   Australian Modern Ocean Villa with swimming pool and white interior*   Danish townhouse with soft theme design, which was built in 1957*   Green vacation villa on Mallorca made of natural materials*   The surrounding mountains and plantations are perfectly natural country villas*   Simple appearance and modern and lightweight interior: single storey barn villa on Long Island ▼ “villa design” recommended by the collection channel album on the official website of home textile “Villa design is a high-quality residence for pure living, which is designed for a very small number of consumers, with noble location, tailored design, expensive price, advanced facilities and complete functions.

The new owner carried out a comprehensive renovation, retained the architectural features as much as possible, and skillfully added a little color and fun to the interior.

Now the interior effect once again proves that the traditional British style will not fade over time, and it is still very fashionable in the 21st century! The original text is transferred from the new media of fashion home textile under Jiduo: extended reading of home textile theory (m.jijuduo.


It is a design used according to the unique architectural characteristics of villas, which is obviously different from the general home residence design, not only room The interior and exterior design should focus on the overall effect.


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