These brain holes are too big to write architecture into poetry!

” #02big joins hands with Saudi Arabia to build a Mars Science City.

In the center, there is about 3000 square meters of agricultural land as the production center.

Their design often reflects how buildings can help residents better adapt and integrate, embed themselves into reality and serve reality when facing various special conditions such as society, nature, economy and environment.

Mars Science City provides researchers and tourists with a variety of scientific research projects, such as laboratories for studying food, energy and water.

The ideology and aesthetic taste of a society are often solidified in architecture, and the artistry reflected from the architectural style will change with the times, regions, national culture and other elements.

In addition, wind power, water power and solar panels on the top floor will provide natural power generation, electric vehicles will become the main means of transportation, coal-fired vehicles are prohibited to drive in, and even waste can be treated and turned into fertilizer, so as to meet the self-sufficient zero pollution standard in all links.

This floating city is mainly based on Ecological rock.

We firmly believe that there is a third choice in the untouched place between these opposite opposites.”.

In addition to agricultural land, institutions and facilities such as entertainment, commerce, medical treatment and culture can also be planned.

Therefore, big is not so much a style as a thinking logic.

Ingels, a big architect, was quoted as saying in an interview: “In history, architecture has been dominated by two opposite extreme ideas.

As a field that must put practicality first, the real experts may be those who can give consideration to the use and expression of architecture.

It is designed by a team composed of UAE scientist Mohammed bin Rashid, big architecture firm and engineers.

On the other hand, the existence of Enterprise Consultants with clear and rigorous regulations has led to a series of petrochemical and rigid standard building blocks.

Oceanixcity is the world’s first sustainable and self-sufficient floating community.

What is this dress? Stall goods.

There is no good material, the workmanship is very rough, and he pursues strange things.

Biological reefs, algae, oysters, mussels, scallops and clams are cultivated in the sea water below the platform, It can clean seawater and accelerate ecosystem regeneration.

Bjarke Ingels, co-founder of big, said: “By 2050, 90% of the world’s largest cities will face the problem of sea level rise.

This logic is based on pleasure and sustainability, and has derived countless brain holes that are “big”# 01oceanix City Floating City reclamation is a topic of concern to many people now.

The ocean may destroy us, but it may also become our future.

Its hardness is even more than three times that of concrete, which ensures the stability of the city.

It is the existence of this third choice that makes many people label big as a practical Utopia.

Finally, the number of citizens in the six settlements can reach 10000.

The inward scattered residential groups are constructed of bamboo and other materials that can produce rapidly and have warm texture.

“Oceanix city” is composed of hexagonal units, with external connecting roads, nature conservation woodlands and other spaces at the periphery.

If they can find interest and ideals in it, they may not be far from the home of human dreams? Big Toronto King 1 house design is interesting, Bjarkeingels group (hereinafter referred to as big) is probably one of the most “deviant” existence in this century.

It can be said that big is not interested in traditional aesthetic debate and philosophical speculation.

The planning of science city also includes an experimental life scene, in which a team will live in this construction environment for a whole year..

Is it possible for humans to live on Mars? The exploration of this problem seems to have never stopped.

With the passage of time, the new buildings will continue to grow, change and adapt to the new needs in an organic form, turn the community inhabited by 300 people into a city inhabited by 10000 people, and use this unlimited expansion potential to create a prosperous maritime home for people who care about each other and the earth.

This kind of building material will be longer and stronger as long as there is current.

The buildings are between 4-7 floors high to ensure low center of gravity and wind resistance.

It is also a modular marine city A blueprint for.

Lifting Eye Anchor

In order to compete for limited living space, human beings have turned to the sea, but big has to do the opposite.

Each hexagonal unit can accommodate about 300 people, and every six units can form a settlement of about 1650 people.

The Dubai government allocated a budget of US $140 million a few years ago to invite big to build an earth like ecological space – “Martian Science City” in the desert not far from Dubai.

It is an artificial ecosystem that can guide the circulation of energy, water, food and waste.

In an interview with Qin Youguo, Dean of the school of architecture of Tsinghua University, I saw a very appropriate metaphor: he said that architecture is like making clothes.

The laboratory is also equipped with advanced technology to enable researchers to test and study building and living conditions under Martian climate conditions and radiation levels.

The original intention of this project is to explore the possibility of building a city on Mars.

In short, a rich and willful, a big brain hole, so a simulated city covering an area of about 150000 square meters was born.

The firm, together with the non-profit organization oceanix and the marine engineering center of MIT, put forward the plan of oceanixcity to build the world’s first flexible and sustainable floating community.

On the one hand, it is full of avant-garde and crazy ideas.


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