There is a clean building called Tadao Ando

Richness still exists under extreme conditions.

After appreciating his amazing combat power, Ando’s excitement disappeared in an instant.

The faint expectation of surviving by boxing in his heart was completely shattered, so he decided to give up boxing.

Speed, strength, cardiopulmonary function and resilience are beyond Ando’s reach…

She has no time to take care of her children.

A while ago, I had nothing to do.

So he asked his friends in the Department of architecture to buy all the textbooks and go to the university to listen.

Boxing was originally the head of his younger brother, Kitayama.

Grandma is a small businessman.

At the age of two, Tadao Ando (left) and his twin brother, Xiaoxiong Kitayama, entered high school.

Tadao Ando is an excellent counterexample.

It is about two rooms, one family in length, and then arranged continuously.

Long house is a common residential way in Osaka.

There is a atrium or a small open space in it.

Ando attributed it to his “talent for fighting” 。 One day, a famous Japanese boxer came to the boxing hall.

I beat invincible hands all over the neighborhood.

At that time, he had not even heard of Corbusier’s name, but from the binding of the book to the sketches and design drawings of the text, there was an unspeakable beauty that attracted Ando.

But Ando, who grew up under such a long house in Kansai, naturally knows best how to solve these problems.

There is no window outside the building.

Tadao Ando, born in 1941, was raised by his grandmother in Osaka.

He tried to put a concrete structure in it and divide the box from the inside like a cake, creating a micro world.

It was such a “wild” Tadao Ando who rushed into the Japanese architecture industry, became a self-taught talent and created his own style school.

It was the first time he felt the amazing beauty of classicism.

But boxing gave him a lot.

But when you walk into it, you will find that it is very bright because of the courtyard.

With the money from the competition bonus, he began to travel all over Japan.

Ando’s studio works in Osaka have amazed the world again and again, and are known as “uneducated” ghost architects.

When I was young, I was naughty and playful.

Ando began to learn boxing.

At first, it was just curiosity and fun.

Solid Lifting Socket

Parents will instill a concept into their children: if you don’t choose the right major in college, you won’t be able to get food in society in the future.

He didn’t think about the Architecture Department of the University, but the threshold of national universities is high and private tuition fees are expensive.

02 the Nagoya, which won the award of the Japanese Architectural Society, was built in 1976.

I went to Shanghai poly Grand Theater.

It is the most important work in Tadao Ando’s architectural career.

This book has had a profound impact on the “architectural youth” Ando.

But after less than a month of practice, he passed the professional qualification.

Going to night school at night depends on self-study.

Unexpectedly, I was attracted by the architectural appearance of this “waterscape” During the day, it is like a jade filled with many secrets, resting on the Bank of Yuanxiang lake At night, it becomes an exquisite crystal box, floating on the broad water surface and talking quietly with its own reflection The building is combined with natural elements such as water, wind and light, and there are viewing platforms in all directions, so the audience can see different landscapes from different angles The designer of poly Grand Theatre is the familiar Pritzker Architecture Award winner and Japanese architect Tadao Ando After inspecting the physical architecture, Ando called it “the best embodiment of his designed works” in China 01 “uneducated” ghost architects remember that in the old thought, a common saying is: the specialty should be matched.

Tadao Ando “grows savagely” in the old street.


From the outside, it is just a black box without light.

In a second-hand bookstore, Ando stumbled upon Le Corbusier’s collection of architectural works in French.

There are also two trips around the world, covering Europe, Asia, the United States, Africa and many countries and regions in the South Asian subcontinent to investigate architectural works all over the world.

In this narrow layout, daylighting, ventilation and sunshine have become great problems.

The first time I went to Tokyo, Ando saw the imperial hotel that had not been demolished in hibiyu.

To reach the living room, you must pass through the atrium, which connects the surrounding space, and fully restores the interest of residential life..


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