The total construction area exceeds 130000 ㎡! 16 high-rise residential buildings will be built in Pudong Town

construction project name: plot d05c-13 in Chuansha new town, Pudong New Area project address: the project base is located in plot d05c-13 in Chuansha new town, Pudong New Area.

The scope of construction land is from plot d05c-17 in the East, qiushuo road in the south, and plot d05c-16 in the West, North to: plot d05c-17.

Lifting Anchor

Nature of construction land three types of residential clusters land construction of Engineering residential buildings and their supporting buildings construction content: 2 16 storey high-rise residential buildings, 2 17 storey high-rise residential buildings, 1 15 storey high-rise residential buildings, 1 13 storey high-rise residential buildings, 10 14 storey high-rise residential buildings, 1 2-storey supporting buildings, 2 power stations, 1 garbage room, a total of 20 single buildings, 1 underground garage project publicity map (click to view the HD large picture) main economic and technical indicators construction land area: 46048.60 ㎡ total construction area: 136951.00 ㎡ aboveground construction area: 93434 ㎡ underground construction area: 43517 ㎡ capacity area: 92097 ㎡ building height: no more than 50m floor area ratio: 2.0 green space ratio: 35% let’s see a wave of effect map ↓ editor: zhushengxia*.

Let’s have a look at more project details ~ the construction unit Shanghai Pudi real estate development and Operation Co., Ltd.

Plot d05c-13 in Chuansha new town will build 16 new high-rise residential buildings and related supporting facilities.


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