[the third citizens’ Culture Festival] a good book recommended “common sense of Chinese architecture”

The book also includes professional charts, pictures and texts, which can be used not only as a reference book for architectural researchers, but also as an introduction to architecture for ordinary readers.

Reasons for recommendation     Her (Lin Huiyin) achievements in architecture are undoubtedly major, but she has also made achievements in poetry, novels, prose, drama and so on—— Wen jieruo     (Lin Huiyin) is a colleague of her husband Liang Sicheng, a famous architect and historian of Chinese architecture.

Lin Huiyin is a professor of Tsinghua University, a famous Chinese architect and writer, the first female architect in China, “an outstanding woman in the history of modern Chinese culture”.

Later, he studied in the Department of stage art, School of drama, Yale University.

In the 13th year of the Republic of China (1924), he studied in the United States, took courses in the Department of architecture, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

content validity     “General knowledge of Chinese architecture” carefully selects Lin Huiyin’s articles on architecture, including the detailed discussion of Chinese ancient architectural tradition and its historical development stage, as well as the investigation report on going out to investigate ancient architecture.

     In the ninth year of the Republic of China (1920), he traveled to Europe with his father Lin Changmin.

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In 1928, he married Liang Sicheng in Canada.

On the surface, she is just a capable collaborator of the latter, but in fact it is the source of his inspiration—— Bian Zhilin   WeChat official account   More highlights“.

In the 12th year of the Republic of China (1923), he participated in the activities of the new moon society.

Click the blue word to follow our author’s profile       Lin Huiyin, formerly known as Huiyin, Han nationality, was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from 1904 to 1955.

In the 26th year of the Republic of China (1937), Liang Sicheng read and annotated the records of the western regions of the Tang Dynasty (hundreds of buildings and place names of the Tang Dynasty) collected by China construction society, and found the architecture of the Tang Dynasty – Mount Wutai Foguang temple.

It can be regarded not only as the academic articles of senior architects, but also as the beautiful chapters of famous essayists on architecture.

After liberation, Lin Huiyin made contributions to the design of the national emblem of the people’s Republic of China, the monument to the people’s heroes and the innovation of cloisonne technology, and wrote Lin Huiyin’s poetry and Lin Huiyin’s works.


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