The rise of containers in creative small buildings!

Superior performance, lighter structural weight than concrete and brick concrete structures, less energy consumption required for construction, superior performance, stable and firm, and excellent shockproof performance.

Container building features convenient assembly and disassembly, convenient transportation of container building units and overall migration.

Container architecture is one of the youngest branches in the field of architecture.

As a modular tool for architectural design, container is low-carbon, low-cost, short construction time and removable transportation.

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Rich combination space container building is based on the overall box steel structure, and rich combination space can be derived by means of splicing and combination.

BFD Coupler

It is strong in earthquake resistance, compression resistance and deformation resistance.

Some materials show creative container architecture reference drawings, with a total of 1.14gb.

Such as office space, residential space, and even large-span space.

As a new design concept, it has become popular all over the world once it rises.

The main structural unit is composed of high-strength steel.

Strong and durable.

Most components of low-carbon and environment-friendly container buildings can be recycled, which greatly reduces the generation of construction waste and is low-carbon and environment-friendly.

It is especially suitable for building types with limited service life and need to be replaced.

Good sealing performance and strict manufacturing technology make this movable building have good water tightness.

At the end of the paper, a large number of reference drawings of creative container architecture are attached.

Like Lego blocks, containers can be combined into almost all kinds of buildings.

Whether it is temporary buildings, public buildings, family houses, activity places or any business type between the above building types, container buildings can be competent.


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