The probationary party members of the Second Party Branch of the College of Architecture and Engineering

On November 19, 2021, the Second Party Branch of the College of Architecture and Engineering held a probationary party member conversion meeting at 516, Yasong Building, with the secretary of the branch, all party members and probationary party members participating in the meeting.

Opening picture of the host | Comrade Yang Zhuoyuan presided over the opening of the conference, and all the participants stood up and sang the national anthem.

The party members face the bright red party flag and solemnly swear with their right hand clenched, which shows their determination to fight for the cause of the party and for communism for life.

First of all, he expressed his sincere congratulations and ardent hopes to Comrade Zhao Shichen, who was transferred to formal employment, and asked all Party members and comrades to be strict with themselves, strengthen their study, improve their thinking, and always request themselves to the highest standards of Party members and forge ahead.

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According to the report of Comrade Zhao Shichen, the Party branch comrades carefully asked questions, discussed and expressed their opinions, and finally voted unanimously by the members of the Party branch to agree that Comrade Zhao Shichen became a full member as scheduled.

Secretary’s summary chart | Secretary Li Dongna’s speech Secretary Li Dongna made a summary speech to the formal employment meeting.

Text | pictures of Lin Hongrui | edited by Lin Hongrui | reviewed by Lin Yuanru | teacher Li Dongna.

First of all, the candidates for recruiting Party members reported their performance since applying for membership, their understanding of the Party, their motivation for joining the Party, and the problems that need to be explained to the Party organization.

Chart of the party membership swearing ceremony | At the end of the party membership swearing ceremony, the party membership swearing ceremony will be held.

The branch meeting strictly followed the procedures of the CPC for recruiting Party members.

Report chart of probationary party members | The probationary party members’ self-reported introducers to the party, Comrade Lin Hongrui and Comrade Lin Yingtong, introduced their main political thoughts, studies, work and life to the conference, and made comments on the education and investigation of probationary party members during the preparation period, and whether they can become formal party members.

The meeting was chaired by Comrade Yang Zhuoyuan, a student party member.


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