“The price increase of building formwork is one of the most difficult decisions we have made!”

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Now every one produced is in the original state of loss.

According to the Information Resources Department of Mutong, the price of construction timber in many places across the country was reduced by 20-80 yuan / m3 yesterday, and the price remains unchanged today.

What you see is rain, but what the wood template people see is that it is about to be out of stock! In rainy season, the board is difficult to dry and the supply is tight! In the words of the template person, in fact, the price increase is really not good news for the template person.

The rise of raw materials has brought a series of chain reactions.

The template manufacturer is not a ruthless price hiker, but a receiver conforming to the market.

The template price has reached the cost side support.

The template can only rise, but can’t fall.

Look at the market of building wood template, just click Mutong, click Mutong, one click! After the holidays, the timber market entered October, and power and production restrictions were still in full swing, but the timber price ushered in a downward trend.

No matter how bad the market is, it’s the same, either raise the price or stop production.

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The price depends on the market trend.

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Magnet Recess Former

  Unlike the deserted wooden square market, the building formwork market is “rising”.

It’s not easy for everyone.

Although the price increase method is very direct, in essence, it is also a helpless response for enterprises.

A construction template manufacturer said: “the increase in the price of construction template is one of the most difficult decisions we have made!”   When the typhoon “lion mountain” strikes, there will be heavy rain in many places.

Due to the rise of raw materials, high prices, power restriction production and stricter environmental protection in autumn and winter, the manufacturer’s cost is increasing and has to adjust the price.

They are worried that the price increase has no competitive advantage and can not support the cost if it does not rise.


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