The Municipal Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau conducts a special inspection on flood prevention and safety at construction sites

They urged the project department to increase the inspection of the fixed condition of the lifting machinery equipment foundation, improve the equipment’s wind and rain resistance Provide lightning protection and collapse prevention performance, and propose rectification suggestions for safety hazards existing at the construction site, and propose specific work requirements for the next step of safety production work.

The focus was on the effective support of the foundation pit wall, the stability of the formwork and scaffolding support system, temporary electricity, and the safety of temporary facilities.

In order to implement the flood prevention work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and urge enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities, on May 17th, the Municipal Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau carried out a special inspection on flood prevention safety at construction sites.

The second is to combine the climate characteristics of our city, do a good job in flood prevention preparation, and respond well to extreme weather such as heavy rainfall that may occur during engineering construction.

Next, the Municipal Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau will continue to carry out special inspections of construction site safety during the flood season, and further strengthen supervision and inspection of construction sites.

The third is to strengthen the safety management of construction in progress, increase supervision and inspection efforts, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for identifying and rectifying safety hazards, and promote the continuous and stable improvement of the construction safety production situation in our city from a point to an area perspective.

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Firstly, all construction, supervision, and construction units should do a good job in flood prevention and safety management of construction sites during the flood season, strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, strengthen the construction of emergency rescue teams and emergency material reserves, and develop corresponding emergency plans for key parts, key links, and special weather conditions.

The Municipal Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau requires all construction sites to strictly comply with relevant regulations and requirements, and effectively strengthen flood prevention and safety management.

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The inspection team went to multiple construction sites in the central urban area to carefully inspect the reserve of flood prevention materials, personnel on duty, and flood prevention emergency plans.

According to the latest weather forecast, there will be heavy rain to rainstorm on May 16-17 in our city, accompanied by thunderstorms, strong winds, short-term heavy rainfall and other severe convective weather.


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