The list of Qingdao’s top ten landmark buildings was announced! Qingdao ranks first in the wind in May!

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With beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, Qingdao is a famous coastal tourist city in China.

Badaguan architectural complex in Qingdao is located at the south foot of Taiping mountain, between Huiquan corner and Taiping corner, adjacent to Taiping Bay in the South and Taiping mountain in the north.

It is a brick, stone, steel and wood structure and a courtyard building of German classical imperial palace.

Visitors stand beside the pavilion and enjoy the huge waves coming from layers.


The May 4th Square of Qingdao is located at Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, adjacent to the office building of Qingdao Municipal People’s Government in the north and Fushan Bay in the south.

The new Qingdao station is U-shaped as a whole, and its three station buildings maintain the European style of red tiles and yellow walls of the original station, such as the old clock tower and waiting room.

As one of the landmark buildings in Qingdao, the church is made of yellow granite and reinforced concrete, with simple and beautiful patterns carved on the surface.

The main offices are on the sunny side of the second and third floors, and the corridors are on the shady side.

This is a German castle style building with European royal style.


The wind in May in Qingdao is a landmark sculpture located in the “May 4th Square”.

It is a two-way six lane Expressway and eight Lane urban expressway.


Now it is an important landmark building and famous scenic spot in Qingdao.


The total length of the tunnel is 7800m, which is divided into land and submarine parts, and the submarine part is 3950m long…

Its unique steel structure can be called the first in China.

Inside the breakwater, there is a two-story octagonal building in the form of nationality, called “Huilan Pavilion”.

Qingdao has left many famous buildings in history.


Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is the first super large bridge cluster project in the frozen sea area of North China.

Qingdao trestle is 440m long and 8m wide, with steel-concrete structure.

It was built in 1899.

Do you know what are the famous landmark buildings in Qingdao? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the top ten landmark buildings in Qingdao, which is listed on the Qingdao trestle list! These classic landmark buildings in Qingdao are also a beautiful scenery.

Red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky are the first impression of Qingdao.

The “Feige Huilan” is known as one of the “ten sights of Qingdao”.

The red word “Qingdao” is written in official script on each station building.

Qingdao Catholic Church Qingdao Catholic Church was designed by German designer bilouha according to Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles and was completed in October 1934.

Founded in 1903, the governor’s house is a five storey building with a main body height of 20 meters.

Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel is the longest subsea tunnel in China.

A semicircular breakwater is built at the south end of the bridge.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center scenic spot is located on the Bank of Fushan Bay in Qingdao, facing the landmark scenic spot of Qingdao and the offshore of May 4th Square.

Qingdao TV Tower Qingdao TV Tower is 232 meters high and 348 meters above sea level.

Among the old German buildings in Qingdao, the former site of jiaoao governor’s house in Germany is undoubtedly one of the most representative, spectacular and magnificent buildings.

The decoration style of the west station room is different from that of the east station room.


It is an all steel structure building.

It has one floor underground and three floors above the ground, with a total construction area of more than 4000 square meters.

The main offshore bridge is 28.8km long, plus 12.78km approach bridge and connecting line, with a total length of 41.58km.

It is a large steel city sculpture in China.

Its elegant shape, luxurious decoration, beautiful outline lines and magnificent colors still rank in the forefront of single villa buildings in China.


It is one of the landmark buildings in Qingdao.

In addition to the transmitting function, it also has comprehensive functions such as catering and entertainment, tourism and exhibition.

Qingdao TV Tower is composed of five parts: tower steel frame structure, tower crown, tower dish, tower ball and transmitting antenna.

The church covers an area of 11480 square meters, including a construction area of 6301.54 square meters.

The May 4th Square is named after Qingdao as the fuse of the May 4th Movement in modern Chinese history.

Qingdao trestle Qingdao trestle, founded in 1892, is the earliest military special artificial wharf building in Qingdao.


Let’s see what other buildings are on the list! Qingdao’s top ten landmark buildings 1.

The building combines western classical and romantic styles, including German style with plane symmetry and prominent axis, Gothic style on the top of steeple slope, Spanish style with extensive decoration, etc.

With a total area of 5821 square meters, it can simultaneously transmit 11 sets of radio and television programs.

Not only the elegance of flying sails, but also the ten old scenes of Qingdao represent the autumn tide of Yandao.

For example, the roof of the welcoming hall is not the shape of the train carriage, but a flat roof with six circular ceilings.

Qingdao railway station Qingdao railway station is the east end station of Jiaoji Railway and Jiaoji passenger dedicated line.

In particular, the red sculpture mark of the Olympic Sailing Center has become a typical landmark of Qingdao.

The first, fourth and fifth floors are auxiliary rooms with small windows.

It is the first sea crossing bridge in the world.

Qingdao welcome hotel the former site of Qingdao Welcome Hotel – German official residence is one of the landmark buildings in Qingdao.


It is 30 meters high, 27 meters in diameter and weighs more than 500 tons.

It is a century old station full of vicissitudes and one of the landmark buildings of Qingdao.


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