The landmark building in Hefei, Anhui Evergrande center, has been shut down, and the pre-sale makes buyers very sad

In fact, there are many things that buyers buy uncompleted residential flats.

The cancellation of commercial housing pre-sale system in Hainan can be said to be a pilot.

Many of the things promised by real estate enterprises in the pre-sale are not up to the standard, and there are many problems, such as housing quality problems, parking space problems, supporting problems, greening problems, school district problems and so on.

You know, from a small county, it has made great achievements in just more than ten years.

In 2020, Hainan Province proposed that the real estate enterprises that take land after issuing documents should fully implement the existing housing sales system when selling houses.

The development of Hefei in recent ten years, whether in terms of urban scale, economy, population, industry and so on, has made remarkable achievements in the whole country.

In fact, the pre-sale system of commercial housing may be cancelled.

By June 2018, the project was shut down because it was close to the coast of Chaohu Lake, so far it has not been resumed.

Once it has achieved results, it may be popularized in other cities.

At this stage, Hefei needs a landmark building and a city card of Hefei, and Anhui Evergrande center came into being.

If environmental protection is not considered, even if Evergrande has risks, other real estate enterprises will take over the project, and the project will resume construction and reconstruction.

It is a super large urban complex integrating commerce, office, hotel and service hotel.

The pre-sale system of commercial housing allows real estate enterprises to develop rapidly.

Whether Evergrande real estate can tide over the difficulties or not, in fact, ordinary home buyers are the most injured.

At this stage, the environmental protection problem is a big problem and can not be underestimated.

Will the pre-sale system of commercial housing be cancelled? The pre-sale system of commercial housing is very disadvantageous to buyers.

Second, the current delivery, namely safeguarding rights, has become the norm.

It is almost impossible to be able to solve the problem of capital in a short time.

Once buyers buy uncompleted residential flats, the down payment floats, the house cannot be obtained, and they have to continue to repay the mortgage loan of the bank.

However, the people who bear the consequences of uncompleted housing are ordinary buyers.

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Hefei is now a new first tier city, or a strong second tier city.

Evergrande now has many difficulties and may face huge risks at any time.

Anhui Evergrande center is located in Binhu New Area, the core area of Binhu CBD, the intersection of Chengdu Road and Huashan Road, and close to the coast of Chaohu Lake.

The people’s Daily has previously issued a document saying that “cancel pre-sale, research can go first”, and the authoritative official media will not create anything out of nothing.

Combination Plate Nut

Therefore, the pre-sale system of commercial housing may indeed be cancelled, but it is unlikely in a short time.

With a total investment of 16.5 billion yuan, it is the first super high-rise landmark skyscraper in Hefei, with 108 floors of aboveground towers, 502m high roof, 518m high tower crown and a total construction area of 1.02 million square meters.

Conclusion: Hainan’s real estate has always been the wind vane of real estate in other cities.

Moreover, some regions have cancelled the pre-sale system of commercial housing.

Now, the biggest problem facing Anhui Evergrande center is the environmental protection of Chaohu Lake.

The pile foundation of the main building of Anhui Evergrande center was started in December 2015.

Whether Anhui Evergrande center can resume work smoothly is still unknown.

First, you may buy uncompleted residential flats.

Second, the development enterprise is Evergrande real estate, and the project is a self raised and self built project.

There are two main reasons: first, because some plots of the project are located within the first-class water environment protection zone of Chaohu Lake, and within 1km, it will affect the environmental protection of Chaohu Lake.


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