The company won the second prize of building information model (BIM) application competition group in Shandong “Prospering Shandong”

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Good news , on December 23, the first Shandong construction industry building information model (BIM) application competition – “China Construction Bayi Cup”, a vocational skill competition of “Prospering Shandong with skills”, sponsored by Shandong civil architecture society, was held in Jinan.

The “deep integration and application of fabricated steel structure school construction and BIM Technology” declared by the machinery company won the second prize of the team.

The referee team makes a comprehensive evaluation from the application ability of BIM model, software application ability, visual disclosure and expression ability, etc.

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The competition is a provincial class II vocational skills competition, which has been guided by the Department of human resources and social security of Shandong Province, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Shandong Province and the science and Technology Association of Shandong Province.

In the final stage, all participating teams conduct on-site modeling in accordance with the competition criteria of “fairness, justice and civilization”.

The achievement of outstanding achievements has further promoted the application of BIM Technology and the development of steel structure fabricated building technology, and provided scientific and technological support for the high-quality development of the company.

According to the competition evaluation scheme, the competition organizing committee evaluated the innovation, scientificity, feasibility and practicability of 169 competition projects that meet the application requirements, and selected 50 projects to be shortlisted for the finals.


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