The classic Tang style architecture is unforgettable! Is this “new scenic spot” in Liuzhou still crowded?

You can enter the group to punch in to the store for a meal.

It’s really not too cool to eat one string at a time! Let’s call our three or five friends to get drunk in Lanling and say goodbye to the hot summer with a unique Tang Feng party! Enjoy high-quality natural ingredients in the national tide environment of dreaming back to Datang! Especially this time, Zui Lanling creatively launched Liuzhou limited edition – snail powder roast beef kebab! [snail powder beef kebab] today, when everything can be made into “snail powder flavor”, snail powder finally started on beef kebab! In order to give back the support and love of Liuzhou customers, Zui Lanling specially developed a new product [snail powder beef kebab].

   Daily attendance official account: the public address is at the bottom of the same article: Message: love your favorite barbecue type, then choose the official welfare three by staff, then join the group.

Two Hole Anchor

And special bronze drums and plaques.

Drunk Lanling Beef Kebabs, coupled with warm yellow lights and various interesting “homophonic” slogans, are also integrated into the current trend elements.

– 18648881347 – business hours – 17:30 – 02:00 the next day.

How can it be called Zui Lanling without wine? Especially the specially made glutinous rice wine, which boys and girls love to drink ~ glutinous rice wine has many choices of original flavor, osmanthus, rose and perilla flavor, which can be enjoyed at one time! Delicacy love, sweet and glutinous rice with a strong aroma) is a good meal.

The fish is roasted to be scorched outside and tender inside, with a strong sauce flavor! Different from other stores, the grilled fish with Citronella and tender tofu retains the freshness of the fish, and the taste is wonderful· Zui Lanling mixed wine.

On a night of more than 20 degrees Celsius, it’s very pleasant to have a big mouth and pry open the “ton” of cold beer! Since you want to eat, you should eat fresh and hygienic – zuilanling barbecue and Sanmen barbecue, which are familiar to Liuzhou people.

The message is: “love your favorite barbecue type,” and then select the time of the official appraisal by the staff.

Each piece of beef is made by hand.

Break up the egg liquid and wrap it evenly around the eggplant pulp, which was even more soul· Spicy scallion with scallion oil · the wine and vegetables in toto are more fragrant after stir frying with ginger, scallion and garlic! Flower armor with wine, the more you drink, the more you have· Citronella grilled fish · grilled fish is also one of the signature dishes.

Since its opening at the beginning of the year, the business in the store has always been very hot, and the highly restored Tang Dynasty style architecture has attracted countless trendsetters to punch in! That is to say! Zui Lanling, the new night clock in place popular in Nanning, has settled in Liuzhou! Delicacy of Beef Kebabs, delicacy, and ZUILANLING, Liuzhou’s 01 tiktok, the 32% off of the whole season, was 32% off.

Wait for your story.

(-10) 21, 02, welfare two: recruiting food gourmet officials to recruit food tasting officials (tasting platforms: public comments, little red books, shaking sounds, etc.).

Remember the three door barbecue on Yaru road once opened? With the fresh and delicious selection of yellow beef and the fair price of conscience, this “foreigner” from Longsheng Sanmen town broke out in the barbecue industry in Liuzhou! Six years after opening, it has been hot for six years! Sanmen barbecue has many direct stores in Liuzhou, which is very popular every night! Now, the Sanmen barbecue, which makes Liuzhou people dream, has completed another gorgeous turn—— ⭐ Antique, Tang Dynasty tavern style ⭐ Chaozhou people punch in and gather at night ⭐ There is wine and meat.

It tasted sweet, and the eggplant itself.

The ancient charm of Tang style in front of us seems to be able to “cross” back to the prosperous era of more than 1000 years ago.

They are high-quality blockbusters of brushing the screen circle of friends! Speaking of the original intention of Tangfeng barbecue, the boss said: “Liuzhou has opened many exotic barbecues, but there are few in Tangfeng style.

Throwing Knife yellow throat · crispy yellow throat is really refreshing and rich in soy sauce in a group of meaty kebabs, Sprinkled with chives and chili powder, it is particularly refreshing · three and a half tendons and half meat · carefully selected high-quality beef belly meat with two and a half tendons and half meat.

During the business, the shop is dining, and the tiktok is 32% off (except drinks) two.

At present, it can only be eaten in Liuzhou! Sour and Spicy Beef Kebabs, with the salty taste of stone snails, can’t help rising at the corners of your mouth! [dishes recommendation] authentic western Hunan flavor, intoxicated in one bite· Dongshi drunk fire beef · drunk fire beef is the sign of the store! One bite, the aroma fills the whole mouth, and the air emits the smell of cumin, fennel, pepper and meat, which gives people endless aftertaste· Dongshi drunk fire butter · Zizi smells fat, but it won’t be bored at all.

Xiangxi roasted string, roasted seafood and so on are very rich in variety.

The best time is 32% off.

Let’s ask the details of the time of the waiter’s activities in October 4th, -10, 21.

It’s perfect to have a little wine.

You will get a free meal.

It’s delicious.

Zui Lanling beef kebab.

  The way of participation: drunk Lan Ling, the bottom of the public address is the same as the official account.

Pavilions, pavilions, towers…

(2) the welfare is two.

After roasting, the surface is nourishing, glowing with oil, but it still retains toughness · roasted streaky meat · the classic work in the roasted string selects streaky meat with fat and thin, which not only brings amazing spices, but also retains rich taste, fragrant and chewy · egg roasted eggplant · roasted eggplant pays special attention to drunk orchid The eggplant of the Ling family was roasted with a slightly scorched skin, and the eggplant was very large and thick.

  Zui Lanling · beef kebab – Address – unit 1, building 10, yaobu ancient town, No.

In October 4th, -10, 21, you must engage in the national wind.

With the unique Xiangxi kebab and Tang Fengguo tide decoration, Zui Lanling Tang Feng barbecue restaurant has numerous fans in Nanning.

It was covered with minced garlic, chives and pepper.

Since we want to do it, we can do it!” use a Tangfeng party to bid farewell to the hot midsummer! In the twinkling of an eye, it was October, and the night in Liuzhou was a little cool.

Even the stores have been made into the form of cornices of ancient buildings.

9, Panlong Road, Liuzhou City – Tel.


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