The case in Huaiyin District of Jinan is the same as the first case in the construction site; Jinan Children’s Hospital has suspended

At the same time, scientifically demarcate the “three zones”, implement various control measures, find out the key personnel of the “three zones”, actively connect with the needs of special groups, strengthen the security of living materials, medical services and other aspects, and achieve control in place and warm service.

In the next step, we will continue to do a good job in tracing the source of the flow survey, personnel screening, nucleic acid sampling, isolation and transportation and other disposal work, strengthen the guarantee of people’s medical care and life, strictly implement the normalized prevention and control measures of the epidemic situation, and strive to control the epidemic situation in the shortest time.

Jiang Youhe, a member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of Jinan Port and Logistics Office, introduced that under the current severe and complex epidemic situation, the requirements of the State Council, the province and the city should be strictly implemented, and the epidemic prevention and control work at Jinan Airport should be strictly carried out, and all efforts should be made to implement the prevention and control measures, The following measures have been taken: strengthen the closed-loop management of the entry link.

Continue to implement the physical isolation of international and domestic service areas, and achieve the physical isolation of inbound personnel and domestic personnel, flight crew and passenger activities.

The epidemic mainly involves Huaiyin District, with a total of 42 local close contacts, 98 secondary close contacts and 661 key personnel, all of which are subject to centralized isolation control as required; One area of Sunshine 100 Community is designated as the closed control area, five areas as the control area, and other areas as the prevention area.

Nucleic acid testing has been strictly carried out for the environment and surface of key areas, and centralized disinfection and sterilization has been carried out after sampling.

The first round of nucleic acid testing was negative; A total of 5 closure and control areas, 10 control areas and 8 prevention areas have been designated.

Closed operation of the hospital and suspension of routine medical services.

At present, environmental samples are negative.

2, which is homologous with the first case of the epidemic at the construction site in Jinan.

At 6:00 on April 11, the patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic infection.

All cases are stable.

The municipal party committee and the municipal government made arrangements and deployment at the first time, quickly carried out the source of the flow survey, found out the close contact, secondary close contact and the accompanying personnel in the same time and space, and took targeted measures in time to block the chain of virus transmission.

The new positive case in Huaiyin District of Jinan is the same as the first case of the construction site epidemic.

The gene sequence of the virus strain is Omixjon BA.

On the afternoon of April 9, a driver from Changqing District was screened for positive nucleic acid test.

After the case was found in Changqing District and Huaiyin District, the provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to it and immediately sent an expert team to the scene for guidance.

At present, they are all receiving treatment in Shandong Public Health Clinical Center.

On the basis of continuing to strictly implement the “four designations” (designated staff, designated service area, designated rest area, and designated on-site transportation vehicle), “four fixations” (fixed operators, fixed operation site, fixed production equipment, and fixed rest area), and “two concentrations” (concentrated relevant work areas, and concentrated residence of relevant operators), international and domestic aircraft, crew, passengers, and support personnel shall be implemented The “six complete separations” of facilities, equipment and passage places and the “six fixed” requirements of “fixed personnel, fixed positions, fixed processes, fixed contact points, fixed rest rooms, and settlement points” shall strictly ensure that international and domestic flights, passengers, goods, and staff do not cross, contact, and mix, and personnel are strictly prohibited from moving across regions, and equipment are strictly prohibited from moving and using across regions, to minimize the risk of overseas import.

Jinan implements special seats, special passages, and special flights back to Jinan Port and Logistics Office for flights from the cities where the medium-high risk areas are located.

The gene sequence of the virus strain is Omikjon BA.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

The prevention and control measures are implemented according to the corresponding regulations.

In the afternoon of April 12, Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government held a press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19.

From the perspective of the newly added local positive infected persons, 3 cases were found in the centralized isolation point screening, 4 cases were reported in Changqing District, and 1 case was reported in Huaiyin District.

The related flow tracing work is under way.

Zhang Rong, Deputy Secretary General of the Jinan Municipal Government and Head of the Comprehensive Coordination Group of the Emergency Command Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19, introduced that from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 11, 2022, Jinan reported 8 new cases of asymptomatic local infection.

The following highlights the emergency response of epidemic situation in Changqing District and Huaiyin District: at noon on April 10, Changqing District of Jinan received an investigation letter from the headquarters of Dawu County, Xiaogan County, Hubei Province.

“The current epidemic situation is generally stable and controllable, but there are still some uncertainties.

I hope that the public friends will further strengthen their confidence in victory, conscientiously implement the responsibility for prevention and control, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control work.

Strictly control the entry and exit personnel of the airport.

According to the change of the domestic epidemic situation, the “place code” for epidemic prevention and control in Shandong Province should be activated in time to ensure that all personnel entering and leaving the airport must wear masks, take temperature measurements and check the health code place code.

As long as we work together, we will be able to form a strong anti-epidemic system, overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, and usher in a better tomorrow in Quancheng,” Zhang Rong said.

The entry personnel shall implement strict closed-loop control and isolation policies..

A total of 120 local close contacts and 127 times close contacts were detected, and centralized isolation control was implemented as required.

The epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed for a moment.

2.2, which is different from the source of the early epidemic in Jinan, and the gene comparison with other regions in China is under way.

After receiving the information, Changqing District immediately carried out a touch and isolation test for the driver in Jimi; On the evening of April 10, one close contact and three family members of the close contact tested positive and were diagnosed as asymptomatic infected at 7:00 on April 11.

The epidemic involved Changqing District and Shizhong District of Jinan City.

Zhang Rong, Deputy Secretary General of the Jinan Municipal Government and the leader of the comprehensive coordination group of the city’s emergency command leading group for the prevention and control of COVID-19, said that on April 10, Huaiyin District reported a person with positive nucleic acid test, which was found by medical staff when they were admitted for screening.


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