The building structure reproduces “building leaning”, the two buildings are inclined, and the detection department: the joint spacing is

gave inspection conclusions and suggestions.

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The two buildings are “snuggling” closer and closer together.

Huidong County government said that it had quickly started the emergency response procedures, ordered the developers to evacuate the residents of two buildings, suspended all external business, evacuated and resettled 277 people from 126 households, and established an emergency response working group to carry out deformation observation.

Photo source: Nanfang Metropolis Daily.

On September 27, relevant experts went to the site to demonstrate, and then issued a document, “at present, the inclination of 3#, 4# buildings does not affect the safety and normal use of the structure.” photo source: Southern Metropolis Daily: “I bought Hongwan community house in 2017 and usually live in other places.

According to the technical specifications and workflow, it is expected to be carried out within 15 days (i.e.

At present, the developer has entrusted Guangdong construction engineering quality and safety testing station Co., Ltd.

According to the preliminary feedback of the provincial general station company, the maximum displacement of the top of a single building of the two buildings is about 10 cm, which is about one third of the maximum allowable value in the specification.

Who will compensate for the loss? “The person in charge of the property said that next, there are well-known experts in the province to demonstrate the test conclusion again, and then decide whether the building will resume occupancy.” On September 28, Huidong issued a document saying that on September 6, Huidong County attached great importance to the problem of house inclination in Baoan Honghai Bay phase II 3#, 4# buildings in Huidong County, took prompt action, entrusted a qualified third-party organization to carry out settlement observation and deformation observation on September 9, and organized experts to the site for demonstration on September 27.

On September 23, Guangdong construction engineering quality and safety inspection station Co., Ltd.

The expert demonstration opinions are as follows: according to the expert demonstration Opinions: Huidong County will continue to do a good job in house observation, urge developers to fulfill their main responsibilities and solve doubts to the owners.

Photo source: Nanfang Metropolis Daily The county also immediately carried out building deformation observation, and ordered and urged the developer to quickly entrust a qualified third party to carry out relevant testing work to observe the deformation of the current inclination and vertex displacement of the two buildings.

As they reached the top, the two buildings became more and more inclined.

The two buildings are more and more closely “bonded” together.

before September 25) Issue the preliminary analysis results.

In early September, I saw in the owner group that someone sent photos of the two buildings getting closer and closer.” the owner, Miss Chen (a pseudonym) told the reporter that there was a certain distance between the bottom of building 4 and building 3.

The treatment suggestions are: 3#, 4# building tops collide, and the joint spacing does not meet the code for seismic design of buildings (gb50011-2010) The regulations on the width of earthquake proof joint should be treated technically.


The text of expert argumentation opinions and expert argumentation opinions points out that the inclination of the current 3#, 4# buildings will not affect the safety and normal use of the structure.

If you can’t rest assured, it’s more difficult to rent and sell.

Photo source: Nanfang Metropolis Daily The reporter learned that Huidong County Government quickly started the emergency disposal procedures, and the housing and construction department immediately organized technicians and invited experts from the Provincial Academy of Building Sciences to the scene to carry out preliminary investigation.

The testing conclusion the third-party testing company suggested that the joint spacing did not meet the requirements , technical treatment should be carried out.

The house has 70 years of property rights and is close to the sea.

No obvious cracks are found in the structures of 3 and 4# buildings, and no obvious damage is found in the structural construction.

On September 23, Guangdong construction engineering quality and safety inspection station Co., Ltd.

Many owners do not recognize this test report.

Halfen Frimeda

Huidong County government said that the next disposal work can be carried out after the handling opinions of the preliminary analysis results of the testing company come out.

At present, the developer has entrusted Guangdong HaiYe Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.

She was worried about potential safety hazards.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   Recently, in phase II of Hongwan community, shuangyuewan, Huidong, Guangdong, many residents reported that the roofs of two buildings in the community were inclined.

Liang (pseudonym), sent the inspection and appraisal conclusions and suggestions of the third-party inspection company to the reporter.

The owner, Mr.

Source: Nanfang Metropolis Daily and warm tips on structural design of Beijing Fengyuan 1) Some of the pictures in this article come from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author and original source.

concluded that the maximum inclination value (including construction error) of the superstructure of 3#, 4# buildings were H / 1076 and H / 937 respectively, which were less than the reliability appraisal standard of civil buildings The specified lateral displacement limit is not suitable for bearing.

(hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong general station company”) Carry out deformation observation.

At the same time, it urgently informed the developer in writing, requiring the developer to immediately organize the original five responsible subjects to carry out research and judgment analysis, and immediately organize technical forces to carry out settlement observation on the two buildings.

In case of infringement or the owner of the original copyright disagrees.

to carry out settlement observation once a day.

It often has to face typhoons and potential safety hazards.

Liang believes that this is only the test of the current house quality.

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Looking up from the downstairs, you can see 3 buildings on the 32nd floor and 4 buildings on the 30th floor.


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