The building is silent and strange. This real estate is never tired of seeing!

The landscape in the community is written by the famous international landscape master belgolin, which contains the essence of Oriental culture and is full of art and modernity.

The real picture of the unit entering the house   Take another panoramic view of the unit entering the house on both sides.

  In terms of residential choice, the biggest difference between high-end improvement and just demand is to enjoy mature supporting facilities, scarce landscape, social circle and spiritual home.

  The detail control of the real picture of the indoor floating window of Jiayi garden is really omnipresent.

  Jiayi garden is located in the low-density area of traditional villas in the west of Jiaxing City.

The middle standard layer adopts a large-area glass and imitation stone insulation integrated board, which has good cold resistance, heat insulation, impact resistance and wind pressure resistance, can eliminate the delamination and hollowing of the external wall, and has a unique breathing function.

The silver aluminum alloy perforated plate has a penetration rate of 50%, which not only has metal texture and design sense, but also achieves the effect that the outdoor unit needs ventilation.

In the Jiayi garden, metal sculptures are combined, Chinese and Western are combined, and the integration of classical and modern makes me deeply feel the importance of aesthetics.

Lifting Anchor

On the other side of the letter and newspaper box is a three-dimensional art hanging picture.

He has turned the “Dazhong Li” plot in the heart of Shanghai into a “Xingye Taigu Hui”, and the renovated Zha residence is the finishing touch.

The negative oxygen ions of Shijiuyang wetland park wetland are from other areas of the main city Several times, living near Shijiuyang wetland is like living in a natural forest oxygen bar.

   Real map of Jiayi garden equipment platform part03 aesthetic importance     The main entrance of Jiayi garden is on Dongsheng Road.

A corner of the community   The landscape wall made up of small mosaics, “see the butterfly through the flower deeply, and the dragonfly flies slowly”.

It is used in the west, just like an ink painting on the paper.

  They have a common name behind them: Hong Kong Industrial International.

  Part01 modern version of Yugong Yishan   Hong Kong industrial international, founded in Hong Kong for more than 40 years, has developed all over the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore   In 2012, he came to Jiaxing with a Sangzi feeling.

It is a very “legendary” real estate enterprise.

Only at the entrance of a unit, the lighting design is rich to the point, line and surface.

Shijiuyang Wetland Park is close at hand   Driving through Dongsheng Road, I was attracted by the exquisite facade of Jiayi garden at a glance.

The landscape stone dry hanging facade of Jiayi garden is a real map.

After more than 40 years, Discovery Bay in Hong Kong is still under continuous development.

The new Asian architectural style is simple and modern, with clear layers and capable lines.

I touched the lower blank holder with my hand.

  The facade of Jiayi garden is highly symbolic.

   After the transformation, the cha residence in the translation of Xingye Swire exchange, Hong Kong Xingye international, is a high-end player!   Part02 finally came    Soon, another real estate of his existing house will enter the market, a large flat floor high-end improvement community integrating art, aesthetics, architecture and Humanities – Jiayi garden.

The entrance is a hollowed out landscape wall, such as a porch, blocking the noise, ensuring privacy and a full sense of home ceremony.

This is the 317th original article of sister Yan’s building.

There are more than 100 kinds of terrestrial plants, more than 30 kinds of aquatic plants and more than 10 kinds of birds.

In the late 1970s, in order to prevent the largest private development land in Hong Kong from falling into the hands of foreign government banks and entering the real estate industry, it has opened mountains and stones for more than 40 years and created the first sustainable environmental protection town in Asia from scratch.

It is round and smooth without hurting my hand..

It has temperature, depth and breadth.

It is the upstream of Jiaxing water source, upwind and Sheung Shui.

However, Hong Kong industrial international still resolutely took over and completed (continued to be under construction) after 40 years of development and development Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay has created many records: the only private road tunnel in Hong Kong – the Discovery Bay Tunnel with a total length of 630 meters; the first private reservoir and the first privately built artificial beach in Hong Kong; the first guest club, which is still the only community with a guest club, Yacht Club and golf club; the first environmental protection city in Asia, with a green area of more than 4.6 million square meters, It accounts for two-thirds of the total area of Discovery Bay.

It is a botanical garden worthy of the name.

40 years ago, Lantau Island in Hong Kong was still a barren land with no land or water, and even experienced large developers were reluctant to touch the project.

  The embedded letter and newspaper box and the invisible meter room are clean and flat.

  This is a very “magical” real estate enterprise, which can make a 100 year old foreign house in Shanghai “go”, which lasted 13 days and made a 3300 ton building “go” 57 meters.

It is rare to use this building as the external wall material 。   The top floor has a duplex design, a “glass box” to echo the blue sky and white clouds.

I lament that my living room is not so particular.

It is the first National Wetland Park in Jiaxing.

“The stars do not lose the passers-by, and the years do not lose the person who has a heart”.

  This is a very “slow” real estate enterprise.

It will take at least two years from getting the land to opening, because they only sell “visible” houses.

The first and second floors of the facade of Jiayi garden are dry hung with natural landscape stones, spliced with staggered joints, calm and atmospheric, and natural stones , the lines are natural and delicate, and look like a landscape painting from a distance.

One thing you can’t see is that the central air conditioner is installed in the lobby and elevator of the unit    The entrance door number is exquisite.

The 270 degree floating window, with the advantages of double-sided daylighting, embraces the sunshine and wetland scenery.

  The core of Shanghai’s “Dazhongli” urban renewal before the transformation is not “renewal”, but how to “keep the old”, push everything down, not renewal, create new vitality and soul in the old shell, and inherit with traditional culture.

It is waiting for you to pay attention.

In addition to Shijiuyang Wetland Park, there are many “green lungs” around Hongbo Park, Hongxing Park, Xiuzhou Park and Xiuhu park.

The real picture of the entrance.

The Discovery Bay plot in Hong Kong before the development   “Discovery Bay” is a “modern version of Yugong moving mountains”, which is well known in Hong Kong.

An equipment platform has great characteristics.

This is the highest level.

I like the poem of Da Bing and feel it is very appropriate.

It gathers the elite of the city and has its own social circle.

  How many diehard fans want to buy his house, including many people in the industry.

In Chinese classical gardens, Meiying road is often paved in front of the hall to set off the elegant style.

“Meiying road” , black and white pebbles, as small as a thumb, are artificially placed into shapes one by one.

  The southwest side of the project is the enviable Shijiuyang Wetland Park, which covers an area of about 3700 mu.

If you want to buy his real estate, you should have enough patience.

We feel that our aesthetic ability is about to lose.

It can be seen that it has attracted high attention.

Jiayi garden in winter   Nostalgic for the outdoors for a long time, I finally moved into the interior and was moved by the exquisite decoration of public parts.

In the process of urbanization, the reinforced concrete forest eager for quick success and instant benefit has become an irresistible trend.

It is a corner of the community   At the beginning of the Lantern Festival, there are stars in the metal hollowed out landscape wall.

Behind the vertical wooden shape is a hidden lamp belt, with art chandeliers on the top and wall spotlights.

  The real view of the facade on the top floor of Jiayi garden, the corner of the building, and the 270 degree floating window, the room with a view, perfectly explains the value reflected outside the window.

What really moved me by Hong Kong Industrial International was the detail control engraved in his bones, the executive power to implement the concept, and the feelings of home and country that did not forget his original heart…

It was still under construction a few months ago.

Adhering to the concept of “respecting people and valuing the land” and “stopping at the best”, he carefully crafted urban works, such as yuti Jiayuan, Jingyue Bay, panyue Bay, Jiayi garden and Xingyi garden   I have seen many projects and contacted many real estate enterprises.

I passed by and took a short video, which attracted more than 100000 people.


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