The building is a small apartment with one floor and one family, with 7 large flat floors!

▸ house type drawing of floors 2 ~ 7   The large horizontal Hall of 6mx14m arranges the kitchen, dining room and living room in a row.

Although the entrance hall is limited by the space, the elevator hall, lobby, reception area and waiting area are lined up, and the warm wood finish and beige stone create a quiet and beautiful space atmosphere· There are only 7 residential units in the whole building.

Residents can also control it remotely by pressing a button on the smartphone app to adjust the amount of air flowing into the home· High configuration kitchen · the kitchen adopts henrybuilder cabinet system, embedded with Miele dishwasher and steam oven, wolf stove, oven, vertical refrigerator and vertical refrigerator, as well as U-line’s double zone under stage wine cabinet· Sound insulation on the fourth floor · in addition, the sound insulation of the apartment building is also in place.

The design inspiration comes from brick, red pottery and local traditional buildings.

Such a set of terracotta shutter system can better adjust the indoor temperature, ensure the indoor comfort and brightness, and reduce the energy consumption by up to 90%.

The terracotta shutters in the middle are fixed on the steel frame, which are neatly arranged to show the beauty of order.

Embedded lights and light strips are installed on the top, which is not easy to form a dead corner of lights.

The whole facade design is practical and creative.

Night view of the apartment building.

The gymnasium with complete equipment is equipped with a mirror wall and a wood facing wall.

The wall of the second bathroom is paved with wood finish, and the stone washstand is clean· Top floor apartment ·▸ top floor apartment type diagram the area of the top floor apartment is 376 ㎡ (indoor) plus 215 ㎡ (outdoor).

The simulator adopts industry-leading swingcatalyst software, infrared light wave technology and high-speed camera, so that players can experience the surreal realism of swing.

The lower floor is a three bedroom layout, and the upper space is full of leisure areas.

In winter, the low angle sun passes through the shutters to bring warm sunshine to the room.

The four storey thick glass windows isolate the noise of the outside world.

The World Health Organization (who) has such a definition for healthy housing: on the basis of meeting the basic requirements of housing, highlight the health elements, and meet the physiological and social needs of residents with the concept of sustainable development of human living health Psychological and social multi-level needs to create a high-quality residence and community with health, safety, comfort and environmental protection for residents.

  The walls and floors of the toilet are paved with marble, with double basins, independent bathtub, toilet area and shower area.

The price of the bottom floor is US $10.74 million (about 69.61 million yuan), and the price of the top floor is 1130   Million US dollars (about 73.24 million yuan).

Architects use simple lines with textured red bricks to outline a simple and fashionable appearance.

The selling price of the top duplex is US $17.5 million (about 110 million yuan).

This small courtyard is located behind the 4th floor of the apartment building.

Each residential unit is also equipped with an independent ventilation system.

Alyssa kapitointeriors, an interior design firm, is responsible for creating a small and beautiful exquisite atmosphere from the canopy at the entrance.

The elevators on each floor enter the house independently.

Developers want to make every household feel honored treatment all the time through this considerate service system.

The designer interspersed the terracotta shutters beside the window between the red bricks and fixed them.

The ceramic shutters do not affect the vision of large-area floor to ceiling windows from an indoor perspective· Independent fresh air · large flat floor of 2 ~ 7 floors, with an indoor area of 332 m2   Plus 7 ㎡   New energy-saving design is adopted for the outdoor space, which can reduce the energy consumption of heating and refrigeration by up to 90%, as well as the intelligent fresh air system, which can exchange the air of the whole house up to 28 times a day, so as to ensure the freshness of the indoor air.

On the top floor, in addition to the living room in the middle, different types of outdoor furniture are placed on the surrounding roof terrace to meet the needs of households for family dinners and small parties· Supporting facilities · the game room is equipped with fullswing’s interactive golf simulator.

The courtyard can be entered through four three-story glass doors.

A good fresh air system can also maintain a constant indoor temperature and humidity level throughout the year.

The device also provides 13 additional interactive sports and games, including football, baseball and football.

LDK is arranged along the street, so that the kitchen area and living area can better connect the prosperity of the city.

▸ axonometric interior design · humanized entrance · interior design continues the low-energy design.

It is surrounded by dense plants and far away from the street noise.

Such dual protection ensures the quality of indoor air.

The reasonable layout looks more neat and beautiful.

Renovated the original red brick facade, combined with the terracotta leaves made in Italy, like a natural shutter.

The master bedroom and three guest rooms are arranged in another test, so as to truly realize the separation of dynamic and static.

Quietrock gypsum board with high-performance sound insulation is added to the wall and ceiling of each bedroom to minimize sound transmission.

Lifting Anchor

It is a rare private Green Island in the prosperous block-.

The roe Corporation, a small developer in New York, transformed a commercial building in the Charlotte of the upper west side of Manhattan into residential apartments in an effort to build a healthy house.

The apartment building is 9 floors high, with 7 households in total.

It is defined as a private and quiet outdoor “room”.

▸ facade facade · terracotta facade · overall architectural transformation before transformation is designed by bkskarchitects.

Advanced and efficient filters will purify each air flowing into the room, remove irritants and allergens, including smoke, pollen, fine dust and pet dandruff, and then sterilize by ultraviolet light.

In summer, custom rectangular shutters can deflect the heat of high-angle sunlight while still allowing sunlight to illuminate the room.

Floors 2 ~ 7 are the large flat floor of one household, and floors 8 ~ 9 are a top-level duplex.


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