The 2022 International High-rise Building Award announced the shortlisted works, and 9 Chinese projects were listed

In addition to meeting the office needs of financial institutions, public facilities such as financial trading plazas and theaters are also integrated to show its openness..

As one of the most important high-rise building awards in the world, the International High-rise Building Award has been selected every two years since 2004 to honor outstanding high-rise buildings that have made outstanding achievements in functional and technological innovation, integrated into urban development, and reflected sustainability and future-oriented.

The entries are sorted in no particular order* Note: The height of the project is subject to the official data of the World Society of Tall Buildings and Urban Settlements (CTBUH).

The project continues the exploration of vertical living space, livable urban community and friendly connection of public space by the design team, and strives to create a “sky garden”.

△ The five finalists for the final review at the review site will be announced in the autumn, and the final winners will be announced on November 8.

If there are two or more towers, the height shall be marked with the highest tower height.

02 DJI Headquarters Design of Dajiang Shenzhen Headquarters: Foster Architects, Shenzhen, China, 2022 Height: 212 m △ Source: IHA official website Dajiang Shenzhen Headquarters, as the “R&D core” of Dajiang, breaks through the design thinking of traditional office space.

This year’s jury is chaired by Sven Thorissen, an architect of MVRDV.

05 Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank HQ Design: SOM Shenzhen, China, 2021 Height: 158m.

07 Vipshop Headquarters Design of Vipshop Headquarters: gmp · Feng · Gekang, Marge and partner architects, Guangzhou, China, 2020 Height: 172.5 m △ Source: The IHA official website project takes the podium building as the base, the office space is horizontally arranged, and each functional area is stacked in turn to form a clear block organization.

The two towering towers rise from the base and condense the upright architectural image.

01 Hanjing Center HankingCenter Design: Murphy’s Office, Shenzhen, China, 2020 Height: 358.9 m △ Source: The Hanjing Center is located at an important node of Shennan Avenue on the IHA official website, redefining the skyline of the urban area.

△ The short-listed works are jointly organized and funded by the German Architecture Museum (DAM) and DekaBank, and jointly awarded by Frankfurt City, DAM and DekaBank.

The building elevation changes layer by layer with the curve extending upward, so that all office floors can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.

04 Raffles Chongqing Raffles City Chongqing Design: Raffles China, Chongqing, 2020 Height: 354.5m.

Lifting Anchor

08 Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Design: JAHN, FGPATelier, Shanghai, China, 2020 Height: 215 m △ Source: IHA official website three towers are arranged in a “pin” shape, and the middle floor is equipped with a corridor to connect the towers, forming a simple and solemn whole.

03 Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center Design: MAD Architecture Firm, Nanjing, China, 2021 Height: 120m.

Other members include architects, engineers, architectural critics, and representatives from Frankfurt, DAM and DekaBank.

The huge steel truss overhangs from the core tube, creating a columnless space, which also meets the space requirements of the four-storey UAV flight test laboratory.

Corridors and walkways of different scales are interspersed in several rolling commercial complexes, leading people to walk from busy ground streets to three-dimensional parks, and between buildings and landscapes.

06 Shandong Port Tower Design: gmp · Feng · Gekang, Marge and partner architect firm Qingdao, China, 2021 height: 203 m.

In the interior of the building, advanced responsive shading technology and natural ventilation mode further ensure the physical and mental health of building users and enhance their sense of happiness.

In the design, the core tube is placed outside, and the main traffic and service core is moved to the outside of the floor; The main body of the tower is “opened”, which maximizes the open space and minimizes the impact of the building structure.

Recently, the International High-Rise Award released a shortlist of 34 high-rise buildings from 13 different countries.

Among them, high-rise buildings built in China account for the largest number of nominations, with a total of 9 projects, including Hanjing Center, Xinjiang Shenzhen Headquarters, Nanjing Zendai Himalaya Center, etc.

The following are at least the entries according to the number of entries in different countries.


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