Technical & Economic Analysis of domestic BIPV photovoltaic building materials integrated system in 2021 under the background of building

Extended reading: 2021 domestic BIPV photovoltaic building materials integrated system technology & Economic Analysis under the background of building carbon neutralization (2) 2021 domestic BIPV photovoltaic building materials integration technology & Economic Analysis under the background of safe building carbon neutralization (1) What is BIPV? We believe that power generation products with building properties and building functions can be called BIPV, and any mode relying on additional building materials or building materials with additional photovoltaic panels can only be called bapv.

Helios implemented a large-scale park level BIPV cowshed in Ningxia.

From the perspective of the construction industry, whoever can meet the basic lines and elements of power generation buildings, capacity buildings and future buildings can be closer to the needs of customers.

Longyan BIPV curtain wall glass, with architectural function, BIPV series inverter, 1000v4 Trina Solar tile standardized module + mortise and tenon structure, improved bapv series inverter, 1000v5 GCL gangzhijie BIPV standardized module + self-adhesive and clamp installation, improved bapv series inverter, 1000v6 Jingke BIPV double glass module + silica gel and clamp installation, improved bapv series inverter, 1000v7 Longji Longding BIPV double glass module + silica gel bonding installation, improved bapv centralized or series inverter, 1000v8 shangmai BIPV light module + adhesive installation, improved bapv series inverter, 1000v9 one light module + adhesive installation, improved bapv series inverter, 1000v10 CITIC Bo conventional module + guide tank support, There is a risk of building fire prevention.

With the intensive introduction of subsidy policies related to green buildings, the economic benefits of BIPV have been significantly improved and is expected to usher in rapid growth..

Therefore, in the past year Over a period of time, a large number of photovoltaic enterprises have emerged to bind a construction company to promote BIPV.

For some application scenarios, BIPV from the perspective of architecture, on the premise of ensuring the functional requirements of the building system, on the one hand, the investment of BIPV building system can reduce the static investment of capex of the building system itself, and at the same time, because the system itself is waterproof, anti-corrosion The incremental advantages of fire prevention can significantly save OPEX from the original building maintenance and repair in the service life of the building.

In the process of calculating the rate of return of the whole system, it is necessary to consider the marginal rate of return at all levels in multiple dimensions.

Serial No.: description of manufacturer’s product features: inverter selection and DC side voltage level 1tesla-bipv sub Watt, with building functions and properties, BIPV micro series inverter + shut-off, 200V DC 2 Helio Helios power generation building materials, with complete building functions and properties, instead of building surface materials, BIPV special micro inverter, 48V and 80V.

Centralized or series inverters.

This is also an inevitable process or phenomenon in the early stage of the development of this industry.

Based on this definition, BIPV is essentially a building surface material with photovoltaic power generation function, which is a system solution directly used for building surface, rather than Is a simple photovoltaic module concept.

Bend Loop

It is precisely because photovoltaic enterprises do not have the ability to solve building systems, they have to give full play to their expertise to do a good job of photovoltaic panels.

Building properties and building functions still rely on these traditional building materials.

The success of this model is a great test of whether the two enterprises can reflect their advantages from the aspects of architecture, safety and economy based on the first principle, Whether it can create greater value for customers.

This series of analysis will focus on the indicators of Helios Helio, zhongxinbo, Trina Solar, GCL, Jingke, shangmai, Longding, Tesla and daycare light BIPV products one by one; Hope to provide reference for investors.


Of course, not all manufacturers’ products can save CAPEX and OPEX.

Since the 1000V dual carbon target was put forward, all walks of life in China have set off an upsurge of green development, As an important manifestation of green buildings, photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) has attracted much attention.

In addition to the traditional power generation function, BIPV photovoltaic building system, At the same time, it shall also have [wind pressure resistance], [water tightness], [waterproof performance], [air tightness], [sound insulation performance] [thermal insulation and sunshade performance] and other necessary performance and unique decorative functions of building envelope, so as to achieve the perfect combination of building envelope, building energy conservation, solar energy utilization and building decoration.

Photovoltaic module components are simply attached to them and only serve as power generation devices.

Of course, the success of the company is a systematic project, including a comprehensive competition of capital, marketing, resources, technology and talents.

In fact, at present, most photovoltaic enterprises at home and abroad do not have the concept and experience of building system, so they rely on professional construction engineering companies or traditional building materials manufacturers, For its products (photovoltaic modules or components) to provide supporting building materials for easy installation.


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