Take a look, BIM industry reappears shocking architecture

The project has a net land area of about 318666 square meters (478 mu) and a total construction area of about 1.45 million square meters.

Appreciation of renderings 5.

The whole process of design, construction and operation is a continuous optimization process.

Background overview this area with a total planning area of 670666 square meters (1006 mu) aims to provide a carrier for incubation and cultivation of domestic and foreign enterprises and an ecological innovation area.

The design process is carried out in a three-dimensional visual environment.

On this basis, they use grasshopper and other software to deeply refine and divide the skin.

This is not only an opportunity for BIM to show its charm and ability, but also a huge test.

With the progress of architecture and structure technology, more and more special-shaped buildings have come into the eyes of the public.

Therefore, the introduction of BIM Technology into the project, on the one hand, can optimize the management and detect the collision problem, on the other hand, it is also convenient for the construction party to carry out project management and prefabricated treatment.

Zaha Hadid, the great architect of “female devil head” in Architecture Department, has adopted BIM Technology to complete the forward design of some special-shaped buildings in his office.

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It intervenes and cooperates in the early stage to ensure the quality of each part.

In the design deepening stage, the project not only needs to ensure the beautiful appearance, but also needs the model accuracy.

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Carry out detailed construction positioning through rhino and Revit to ensure that the size of each glass is within the constructable area.

Therefore, engineers and steel structure manufacturers put forward reasonable structural opinions.

It is planned to be developed in four phases, of which the first phase has a net land area of about 24000 square meters and a construction area of about 12000 square meters, with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan.

➤ the reason why Unicorn Island adopts BIM first, in the BIM building information model, both construction and design are visual, so the result of visualization is not only reflected in the model visualization, but more importantly, it can replace the traditional CAD drawing to coordinate the drawing of BIM disciplines.

BIM, as the core hub and data interaction platform, provides three-dimensional cooperation for all participants.

Therefore, Maya orrhino is not enough to complete the design deepening, so the addition of sketch is particularly important, so that the design optimization details of special-shaped building surface and structural surface can be realized.

3 ➤ reason ➤ the reason why Unicorn Island adopts BIM: because the whole skin is a hyperbolic irregular surface, the internal function, structure and electromechanical pipe are easy to encounter collision problems.

I believe that BIM will develop to a higher level in the future.

Curtain wall design is also a major design pain point in special-shaped building design, so curtain wall parameterization will press the acceleration key for special-shaped design.

With the help of rhino + Revit software, all curves and surfaces can be successfully transformed into rational objects, and the data error after conversion can be controlled within the allowable range of the scheme party.

The scheme party and the construction unit timely check and even optimize the design process through the BIM model to ensure that the architectural design always meets the original design intention and optimizes the design.

With the cooperation of rhino + grasshopper + Revit and other software, the special-shaped building is about to be completed – the first building of “Chengdu Unicorn island” and the exhibition and Convention Center.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Summary: the special-shaped building on Unicorn Island gathers the wisdom of countless teams, and its design and construction difficulty cannot be underestimated.

In the design, the structure is consistent with the curtain wall framework, so a more reasonable structural subdivision is required.

In addition, because the skin of the special-shaped building is hyperboloid and the structural columns have many diagonal braces, the BIM design department also began to intervene.

BIM building information model coordinates the collision problems of various disciplines and generates coordination data, involving multiple participants such as scheme, architecture, structure, curtain wall, landscape and prefabricated component factory.


With the advancement of the design, the requirements for detailed design of various disciplines are constantly improving.

2 ➤ workflow ➤ BIM application process in the design stage of Unicorn Island: in the early stage of design, the shape design is completed by using mayaarhino and other software, so as to ensure the coexistence of free and beautiful curves.


➤ four reasons why Unicorn Island adopts BIM.

Therefore, different from the later technical application of BIM commonly used in the current market, this Unicorn island is designed in the forward direction of BIM.

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Rhino + grasshopper + Revit workflow integrates the design of various disciplines to a great extent, simplifies the difficulty of construction and is easy for later management.

Therefore, BIM Technology has been pushed to the world stage again.

In Revit, you can more intuitively deal with the possible collision between the skin and the structure.

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➤ three reasons why Unicorn Island adopts BIM.

➤ the second reason why Unicorn Island adopts BIM is that the project can be informationized by using BIM Technology.


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