Tadao Ando Architecture Exhibition – in the name of “Youth”, Tadao Ando still has many “unsolved mysteries”

People familiar with Tadao Ando know that these two buildings, which were “moved” to China in a ratio of 1:1, are “Church of light” and “Church of water”.

He said: “youth is a challenging heart that is not afraid of failure and faces difficulties.

Beijing Minsheng Modern Art Museum / Photography: Tian Fangfang’s exhibition takes time as a clue and is divided into four exhibition areas.

Many people are familiar with Tadao Ando’s design, but I’m afraid that only when they enter the “Tadao Ando’s global tour exhibition China Beijing station · youth” and go to the exhibits that reproduce the design process, such as models, manuscripts, sketches and sketches, can they understand more the reasons why Tadao Ando’s architecture is unforgettable.

One by one, they crisscross like a knife.

I want to share this message with you – don’t lose the heart of green apples, keep running, and even if you are 100, you can have a 100 year old youth.” representative Green apple of “Youth” / Photography: Tian Fangfang, in fact, in the third exhibition area “landscape creation”, the 30-year-old Zhidao series projects, especially the “Youth” of Tadao Ando, can be seen.

It is interesting that the building of Zhidao is slowly deduced according to specific steps according to specific conditions without overall planning.

Paper sketches, design drawings, photography, films, and more three-dimensional wooden models can not help but make people have the idea of “although they can’t reach it, they want it”.

“When I was a student, everyone had the ideal and dream of ‘I want to do such a thing, I want to live like this’.

It is very rare to take each project seriously.” “space prototype” Exhibition area / Photography: Tian Fangfang, how do you define youth? It is undeniable that how many architects are inspired by Tadao Ando’s “never say die” spirit, and how many people in the non construction industry are infected by his belief that he is not afraid of challenges.

The detailed images in large frames give people an amazing visual experience.

The film above the model shows the real architectural scenery, so that people can understand the design charm of the building from multiple angles.

This exhibition is no exception.

In the exhibition area of the water church, the ingenious structure of the model can give people a glimpse of the whole picture of the building.

Above: “collective residence in Liujia” architectural model / Photography: Tian Fangfang; Next: “Zhenyan zongbenfu temple water Imperial Hall” architectural model / Photography: the precise lines, accurate data and a little yellowing paper on the studioff design manuscript, although I don’t quite understand the professional design principle, it’s really pleasing to see such beautiful strokes.

Although this is not a real building, when you step into it and look up, the light leaked along the gap of the circular ceiling makes people quiet.

At the age of 80 and 52 years of architectural career, Tadao Ando’s life seems to be shrouded in high light.

Professional boxer, self-taught architect, Shimizu concrete poet, Pritzker Prize winner…

Youth is not a certain period of life.

  The second exhibition area “the challenge of the city” shows his challenge to the city from the “grassroots” through small residential and commercial buildings since the 1970s, and how he carries forward the constant “struggle spirit” in the world-famous metropolis.

Design manuscripts, architectural models, travel sketches and photos reproduce the scene of architects’ creation, design ideas and the beauty of architectural art, providing an opportunity for the audience to feel the design closely.

This makes people wonder how his design has affected the appearance of Chinese cities.

The power and determination contained therein are sharp and accurate, with a strong breath.

In the first exhibition area “the prototype of space”, I believe many people can’t wait to go to the “long house in Kyrgyzstan” exhibition area.

“UNESCO meditation space” (replica space) / Photography: apart from the two designs completed in Japan by Tian Fangfang, the “UNESCO meditation space” designed by Tadao Ando in 1995 is also reproduced in the space of Beijing Minsheng Modern Art Museum in a ratio of 1:1.

“With the increase of business, architectural firms usually expand their scale, and the total number of teacher Ando’s Studios has remained at 20 for decades.

“Long house in Kyrgyzstan” exhibition area / Photography: studioff has an exhibition area, a design and multi-form display.

In Tadao Ando’s Dictionary of life, if “challenge” is the label of spirit, then “Youth” is the state of sincerity that people need to maintain in their life.

Above: Shanghai poly theatre, taken by chongxiong Ogawa; Next: and art museum.

Flat Feed Anchor

A movie played on a giant screen reproduces the scenery of Zhidao.

Colorful light shines through the “cross” on the wall, and light and shadow play a quiet atmosphere on the wall.

It is a slowly growing building..

UNESCO meditation space (original building)  / The picture comes from Stephane couturier and Tadao Ando Architecture Research Institute, who “moved” Tadao Ando’s buildings from Japan to Beijing.

It presents the design of Tadao Ando from the 1970s to the newly completed Paris Stock Exchange, and shows the classic works and design styles of different periods in the form of point to area.

The pictures are from and art museum.

Zhongzhidao Project II – stratigraphic space hung on the wall Sketching and hand drawing are impressive.

Youth is the appearance of the heart.” he used a green apple to symbolize “Youth”.

This green apple symbolizes the youth heart of you and me in my teens and twenties.

Photography: Tian Fangfang’s manuscripts on napkins, project drafts on hotel stationery, huge sketches and complex and exquisite huge models remind people of the scene designed by Tadao Ando.

This work, which was regarded as “nondescript” at that time, has long become a recognized classic.

Zhongzhidao Project II – stratigraphic space sketch / Photography: Chen Hao, and the exhibition site is designed to make the audience vivid Feel the Zhidao project.

Through the narrow corridor, enter another space, look at the cross in the “Lake”, sit on the chair for a long time, and suddenly forget to be in Beijing.

The conceptual model of phase I, II and III of the collective house in Kobe, Japan, naturally reminds people of Tadao Ando’s innovative design to overcome the difficulty of geographical height difference.

From the beginning to the end, it is still meaningful.

“Water church” design exhibition area / Photography: Ma Weidong, founder of Chen haowenzhu international, Chinese partner of Tadao Ando Architectural Research Institute and founder of Iam international architectural alliance, is one of the curators of this exhibition.

This exhibition makes people realize that the story brought to us by Tadao Ando, who has been well written, is far from over.

  Among them, buildings such as Shanghai poly Grand Theater, Guangdong Shunde and art museum can let people understand Tadao Ando’s practice in China.

At the exhibition site, he not only introduced the interesting things behind architectural design, but also emphasized the “valuable” point of Tadao Ando.

Like Japanese samurai, Tadao Ando never seems to be defeated.

Behind it, there is a story reflecting Tadao Ando’s strong will.

Architecture exhibition is not uncommon in China now.

Youth is a tenacious heart that is trapped in adversity and never gives up its dream.

A “hill” is creatively set in front of the movie , it reproduces the geographical appearance of the building in a three-dimensional form, giving people an immersive experience.

An 80 year old man is keen to express his mind with a green apple, which is full of childlike fun.


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