Strike hard! Many “two violations” buildings in Boluo have been treated with water and electricity cut off!

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During the operation, the law enforcement personnel dealt with the construction of “two violations” buildings in many places in Tiantou village according to law.

It is understood that in the early stage, the “two violations” Office of the town has conveyed to all villages the spirit of the document “the work plan of the urban and rural management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau of Boluo county to create a demonstration county that focuses on Party building and promotes rural revitalization”, requiring that all illegal land and illegal construction under construction in all villages in the town be stopped and cleared.

In the future, the town will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, increase patrol and control, resolutely curb the phenomenon of “two violations”, and create a good environment for the economic and social development of the town and the improvement of the urban and rural living environment.

On August 8, the town’s “two violations” office, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement office, the construction and road affairs center, the natural resources office, the Yuanzhou police station, the water supply company, the power supply station and other functional departments jointly carried out the “two violations” rectification of water and power supply in Yuanzhou town.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

At the same time, law enforcement personnel also carried out “targeted education” to persuade and educate owners of illegal buildings and publicize relevant laws and regulations on “two violations” rectification, creating a public opinion atmosphere of “two violations” rectification that must be investigated and punished.

However, during the inspection, it was found that some construction sites were still under construction, so the water and power supply were cut off.

In accordance with the work plan of urban and rural management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau of Boluo county to create a demonstration county to promote rural revitalization by grasping party building, the work requirements of controlling new additions and controlling rush construction shall be met.


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