Steel Wangguoyun Warehouse officially launched the weight calculation version of construction steel! Lead and promote the transformation and

By 2022, the annual throughput of steel Wangguoyun warehouse exceeded 20 million tons.

The Kingdom of Iron and Steel led and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.

Cloud storage is compatible with pound accounting

In order to accelerate the implementation of the national strategy of building a “national unified market” and the “three products” implementation plan for the raw material industry, Implement the national standard Steel for Reinforced Concrete Part 2: Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars (GB/T1499.2-2018) to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Guangdong steel industry.

In the context of the intensive introduction of policies, the rapid advancement of information technology in the steel warehousing industry, and the increasing demand for personalization and flexible expansion of the system, the Kingdom of Steel has always adhered to the continuous upgrading and improvement of the system.

The “14th Special Joint Meeting of Guangdong Provincial Steel Price Information Platform” was successfully held in Zhuhai recently, led by Guangdong Iron and Steel Industry Association and attended by Baowu Group Shaogang Songshan, Yangchun New Steel, Zhuhai Yuegang and other first-tier steel plants in the province.

As a leading enterprise in the storage digitalization of the South China market, Guangdong Guangwu Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

At the critical moment when Guangdong Province is about to fully implement the delivery of theoretical weight of deformed steel bars (accounting transaction), it took the lead in completing the reconstruction of the steel Wangguoyun storage system 4.0, deploying and adding the warehousing and delivery function of building steel weight accounting in advance, and giving priority to the call to implement accounting transaction measurement.

recognized in advance that accounting and trading is the trend of the times and is urgent.

Flat Steel Anchor

The joint meeting agreed that the comprehensive implementation of accounting and measurement in the deformed steel market of Guangdong Province is an important measure to improve the labor efficiency, reduce transaction links, reduce circulation costs, save energy and reduce emissions, achieve the “double carbon target” and promote the upgrading of industrial products.

It not only used the updated and more flexible micro-service technology architecture to complete the reconstruction of the cloud warehousing system in 2022, but also officially launched the Steel Kingdom Cloud Warehousing System 4.0 on December 31, It was fully operational in January 23.


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