State Council: mandatory installation of photovoltaic in new large public buildings in Beijing Urban sub center!

Give play to the leveraging role of government investment funds and drive social capital to invest in scientific and technological innovation projects in urban sub centers.

2、 Adhere to innovation driven and build a new highland for Beijing’s development (IV) strengthen the guidance of scientific and technological innovation.

Focus on building an international seed industry science and Technology Park, build a number of modern agricultural industrialization demonstration bases, and improve the development of urban agriculture.

We will explore the market-oriented pricing mechanism and benefit distribution mechanism for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and support the cross regional construction of a number of industry university research innovation and achievement transformation entities.

Relying on the national comprehensive demonstration zone for the expansion and opening up of the service industry and the China (Beijing) pilot Free Trade Zone, build the urban sub center into a highland for financial innovation and high-end business development in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Adhere to innovation driven development, give greater development autonomy according to the development orientation and actual needs, improve the functions of scientific and technological innovation, administrative office, business services, culture and tourism, promote policy measures and pilot demonstration projects, and form replicable and popularized experience—— Coordinated linkage and integrated development.

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In combination with the photovoltaic subsidy policy previously issued by Beijing and the photovoltaic subsidy policy issued by various districts – Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission: the subsidy for industrial and commercial photovoltaic projects is up to 0.4 yuan / kW · h for 5 years!, It is expected that the distributed photovoltaic in Beijing Urban sub center will usher in a leap forward development.

Build a green and low-carbon comprehensive energy system, promote near zero carbon emission demonstration projects, explore and carry out carbon neutralization related work, support reform and innovation policies related to energy conservation and emission reduction, and try them first in urban sub centers.

Focusing on the fifth generation mobile communication (5g) network, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), we stepped up the layout of new digital infrastructure, built a number of new demonstration application scenarios in the fields of smart city and digital village construction, and supported the sandbox pilot of science and technology application scenarios.

Tongzhou District and the three northern counties have basically established an integrated high-quality development system, which has become an important support for the construction of a modern capital metropolitan area.

Accelerate the development of green finance, innovate financial products, and support carbon peak carbon neutralization action and technology research and development.

Support the innovation and development of financial science and technology, accelerate the pilot of legal digital currency, do a good job in the implementation of financial science and technology innovation regulatory tools, support large banks and other legal establishment of digital RMB operating entities, support qualified banks to participate in the pilot of direct banking, and explore the construction of digital asset trading venues..

Guo Fa [2021] No.

According to the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia, large public buildings refer to a single building with a building area of 20000m ² Public buildings above and with central air conditioning.

We will vigorously promote green buildings, implement three-star green building standards for new large-scale public buildings, and take the installation of photovoltaic facilities as a mandatory requirement.

The role of undertaking Beijing’s non capital function relief and population transfer has been fully demonstrated, forming a modern urban management and social governance system and a modern economic system.

Firmly grasp the “bull nose” of relieving Beijing’s non capital function, orderly undertake the function relief and population transfer in line with the development positioning of the urban sub center, improve the service guarantee capacity of the capital function, realize the joint prosperity of vice auxiliary main and main and deputy, and have their own division of labor and mutual promotion with xiong’an new area of Hebei, so as to effectively solve the problem of “big city disease” in Beijing—— Reform and innovation, pilot demonstration.

1、 General requirements (I) guiding ideology.

*** Focusing on the creation of “urban sub center quality”, adhere to innovation guidance, improve governance level, promote green development, deepen reform and opening up, improve harmonious and livable quality, orderly undertake the relief of Beijing’s non capital functions, strive to promote the development of higher quality, more efficiency, more fairness, more sustainable and safer, and lead and drive the integrated development of surrounding areas, Build a high-quality model for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and a national green development demonstration area, so as to contribute to the construction of a harmonious, livable and beautiful capital of a large country.

We will steadily promote the pilot of real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the field of infrastructure, support the development of affordable rental housing REITs, and encourage public REITs fund managers to settle in urban sub centers for development.

By 2035, the sub center of modern city will be basically completed.

By 2025, the functions of green city, forest city, sponge City, smart city, cultural city and livable city will be basically formed.

Magnetic Recess Former

In accordance with the requirements of unified planning, unified policies, unified standards and unified management and control (hereinafter referred to as “four unification”), actively promote the integrated high-quality development of urban sub center, Tongzhou District, Sanhe City, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County (hereinafter referred to as the three northern counties) in Hebei Province, explore a new path to gradually realize common prosperity, and set a model for promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

(5) Improve the function of financial and business services.

According to the document, in order to build a national green development demonstration area and improve the comprehensive management system of ecological environment.

See the following for the specific documents: the opinions of the State Council on supporting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center.

Focus on the new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, implement a number of major national science and technology projects and application demonstration projects, guide the layout of innovation chain and industrial chain in urban sub centers and surrounding areas, and vigorously develop the digital economy.

Strengthen the comprehensive financial support for the government affairs and residents’ services of the urban sub center, steadily and orderly undertake the financial institutions and branches in line with the development orientation of the urban sub center, and accelerate the development of regional pension finance and health insurance business.

Financial institutions are encouraged to set up special green finance institutions and international green investment groups according to law, promote the Beijing Green Exchange to upgrade to a national green exchange for the world on the basis of undertaking the functions of a national carbon trading center such as voluntary emission reduction, and build a green finance and sustainable financial center.

(3) Main objectives.

Support the implementation of a new round of pilot reform policies in the core area of the qualified Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in the urban sub center, and support the layout of Zhongguancun industrial collaborative innovation platform in the urban sub center and the three northern counties.

(2) Basic principles—— Undertake relief and dislocation development.

Recently, the State Council issued the opinions on supporting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center, giving opinions on further supporting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center.

The relocation of Beijing Municipal Party and government organs and municipal administrative institutions has been basically completed, remarkable results have been achieved in undertaking the relief of Beijing’s non capital functions and population transfer, the level of urban management and social governance has been significantly improved, a modern industrial system has been preliminarily formed, and a “urban sub center quality” system has been preliminarily constructed.

Generally, there are office buildings, commercial buildings, tourism buildings, science, education, culture and health buildings, communication buildings and transportation buildings.

Accelerate the construction of global wealth management center, strengthen the construction of financial infrastructure, and support the development of financial standard recognition institutions, international financial institutions and private financial institutions in urban sub centers.

15: the people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions and institutions directly under the State Council: plan to build Beijing Urban sub center (hereinafter referred to as urban sub center) and form new wings of Beijing with xiong’an new area of Hebei Province, *** In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and further support the high-quality development of urban sub centers, the following opinions are put forward.

Law firms and accounting firms familiar with international legal standards are encouraged to layout in the sub center of the city.

The “quality of urban sub center” system is perfect and mature, and has achieved remarkable results in integrating high-quality development with surrounding areas.


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