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Inadvertently, Ta has arranged everything silently.

Wind, light and water take care of your health everywhere.

The use of air conditioning and fresh air system ensures the flow of air.

Drawing presentation-   DrawingsShow  – Functional analysis diagram air flow analysis diagram 1 air flow analysis diagram 2 project name | Longhu Xinjiang and Cheng Tianlang project address | China, Chongqing completion time | June 2021 project area | indoor 600 ㎡ and garden 270 ㎡ design content|   Landscape, interior, electromechanical, furnishings and integrated design team|   Design director of Chongqing shandianshui architectural design office|   Yuan Xinzhi design participation|   Zhangjiawei, Huang Xianxue, Yuan linling construction unit|   Project photography of jiazhiyi construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd|   Folk photography project photography|   Xiangshucheng mountain Dianshui architectural design office has gathered a group of young designers who are professional, honest, friendly and adhering to altruism.

Every use of drinking water, domestic water and irrigation water has been carefully considered; The drainage system separating rainwater and sewage saves trouble and worry.

Everywhere considerate mahjong outdoor patio will introduce plenty of sunshine into the room, so that you can be surrounded by a warm atmosphere at any time.

Upstairs and downstairs, there is no distance between loving hearts.

Who says cooking is boring? The boundary of the kitchen is deliberately blurred.

May you be surrounded by endless love.

The sofa sits solid and empty, facing the open garden, focusing people’s vision on the outside scenery.

The big round table, which means reunion and perfection, enables the family to sit around, talk and enhance their feelings.

The wide sliding door leads the cook’s line of sight to the courtyard, and you can enjoy the natural beauty as soon as you look up.

The wind coming from the river passes through the living room and is pulled out from the patio.

In the courtyard, you can eat and watch the river.

Entering the house, the space skeleton, sofa and blue seat show a contemporary sense of simplicity regardless of color or material; The murals, drums and stools on the wall and the layout of the round sky seem to be born out of the story of the classical period.

The master bedroom and son’s room can see the river scenery through the sliding window, so that the mind can talk with the scenery, the open river can sweep away anxiety, and have a dream about the horizon.

This is her consideration and her love.

Low key without losing delicacy, simple without losing atmosphere, just like her in the vast crowd many years ago, she is low-key, introverted and glittering, which will attract your attention at once.

This is what an idealist looks like and what an idealist looks like.

Busy work, the time difference between two generations, so that families under the same roof often pass by.

Look, the communication between man and nature is growing at any time.

In such a house full of love, people want to keep a moment and create your own memory.

A touch of streamer in the teahouse is hung in the air, matched with sofa round chairs to create a soft and flowing feeling, which is in sharp contrast to the sense of power brought by large-scale doors and windows and a space height of up to four meters.

You can enter the house from the entrance hall, and the end view of the flower wall is dazzling; The symmetrical composition shows a sense of stability, which is compared with the gurgling water and beating fish in the pool.

Theresecarrodus designs and casts time, extremely simple geometric aesthetic space, light and shadow..

Wheel Spacer

It turns out that just like the north wind and the sun in the fable, tenderness is the invincible power in love.

If you are accompanied by beautiful family, it can also become a pleasure.

The external corners and columns in the living room and tea room adopt arc design, which is not only a flexible adjustment to the space, but also a return gift to nature.

Take off the fatigue of a busy day and embrace the beauty of home and love.

Moving and quiet complement each other, bringing multi sensory enjoyment of seeing and listening; I can’t help but think of the lover’s appearance of “moving like a rabbit, quiet like a virgin”.

Sitting in the restaurant, the head is a panoramic view of the river.

Family members look at the same scenery and create common good memories at any time.

You can interact with your family in the leisure area at any time and exchange smiles with your friends at the dining table.

A straight line draws the shortest distance between two points, while an arc is a mysterious gift from nature.

Inherit and interpret the peaceful, healthy and loving modern Chinese residential lifestyle with “goodwill aesthetics”.

From the first bird song in the morning to wake up the earth, to the Crimson Sunset Red the sky, from the growth of all things in early spring to the rest and storage in the middle of winter, the hourglass of time never stops for anyone.

Recent case of mountain point water architectural design Longhu Liangjiang Xinchen residence rongchuang Jiade manor Siwei hall artistic conception Sichuan restaurant dinhome recent hot literature is free and open, extremely simple and comfortable.

The restaurant is equipped with a rest area, which makes the communication time longer.

The busy urban fast-paced life also needs to slow down occasionally.

Open, enthusiastic and good at communication.

The semi open space composed of outdoor dining table and courtyard landscape creates an opportunity for communication.

Close your eyes and try to outline the appearance of Ta…

It’s appropriate to be gentle and gentle. what kind of face should a person full of love have? How should a house exist for people? TA is not an empty inorganic substance, but a caregiver and devotee of life; It seems dumb and silent, but it’s actually full and boiling.

Washing, picking and cutting vegetables are extremely trivial daily things.

However, three meals a day always overlap each other at the highest time.

The joy and enthusiasm of life burst out in the daily necessities.

They advocate softness, retreat and humility, and oppose tough, confrontation and possession.

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