Specific skill sign 𞓜 care + Construction + ham processing (regions can negotiate)

civilian or technical)  –  Haina) Haina going abroad    ∣   Here, there is everything about Japan      Long press to identify the QR code and pay attention to the extended reading stamp   More work information! ①   Chefs to Japan          ②   Senior duty-free stores in Japan 👍     ③   It software development engineer        ④   Tokyo Electric Power Electronics Association           ⑤   Japan outlets recruitment        ⑥   Work sign||   Recruitment of software engineers to Japan 👍 ⑦   Member of listed hotels in Japan ⑧   Japan Electronics Association graduate student daily management position Nagano or triple 👍 ⑨   Recruitment of well-known clubs in Japan: Electrical Engineer ⑩   Recruitment of talents by Tokyo Construction Co., Ltd   Electrical wiring technician of Kyoto society ⑫   Electrical engineer, Mitsubishi PLC, user experience ⑬   Japan news agency raised design subsidy members 👍 ⑭   Work permit | luxury goods selling in Japan ⑮   Work permit | golf course member ⑯   Work sign | recruitment of members in Japanese mobile phone store ⑰   Work permit サ general parking lot management (safety, benefit improvement)   Work permit | Japanese business post member ⑲   Work visa 𞓜 long term recruitment of overseas graduates 👍 ⑳   Work sign  || Work visa without educational background and Japanese major requirements 👍 Study in Japan: 👍   News scholarship work study abroad “0” Tuition “0” accommodation 👍 Part time work and part-time study of nursing in Japan 👍 Computer oriented study abroad “zero” computer course training fee “zero” intermediary fee 👍 There are places for October students studying in Japan!!   Free evaluation and formulation of overseas scheme, please click


Wechat Consulting: ukayi82   Application method: please submit your resume   chinese   or   Resume in Japanese   To email or   Scan QR code resume delivery email: 1016139660@qq.com Resume Title Format: position name-  – Name (e.g

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