Singapore has a small India with colorful buildings, and food shops are just like real India

The curry of coconut milk is best eaten, but the cake is too oily, and the hands are full of hand oil.

Of course, there are many Indian restaurants in Little India.

The best is the.

Why is there a little India in Singapore? It was because Sir Raffles’ ship sailed to Singapore in 1819.

As soon as you enter Little India, a strong smell of pepper will come to your face.

With Bollywood pop music, the air is filled with the smell of spices and flowers.

Just as China is a multi-ethnic country with ethnic minorities, Singapore, a small Southeast Asian country, is also a multi-ethnic country.

Rubber Recess Former

They became the first Indian immigrants on Singapore’s land.

Verama kariyama Hindu temple is the most important building in Little India and one of the most exquisite Hindu temples in Singapore.

Entering Little India is like entering another country.

This is Xiaoshu’s travel and wandering hall.

If you want to eat authentic Indian food, you will never be disappointed here, because it will make you feel that you have really come to Indian restaurants.

Have you ever been to Little India in Singapore? Do you think it is different from the real India? Welcome to leave a message and express your views…

Frankly speaking, I still like Indian curry, but this cake is really oily.

There are a large number of statues of Hindu gods inside and outside the temple.

Looking around, a row of colorful buildings are dazzling.

There were many Indian assistants and soldiers in the team.

In addition to more than 80% of Chinese, most of the rest are Indian.

Although this scene is familiar to me, the Indians living here are not assimilated by Singapore culture, and they still follow their own national living habits, Eat directly with your hands.

Little India is the gathering place of Indian ethnic groups in Singapore, just like the epitome of India, so it is called Little India.

Most Indians like colorful colors, the more gaudy the better, so colorful lights and decorations are everywhere in the streets of little India.

The restaurant is really full of Indians except tourists.

Coupled with the subsequent immigration and breeding, there are more and more Indians here, which has become such a small settlement.

Watch the world with me.

Look carefully.

Just like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there is a small India in Singapore, which is a gathering place of Indian ethnic groups.

The taste is so familiar that shops display silver, bronze, Indian jewelry, jasmine wreaths and silk saris.

The as like as two peas, which are a combination of many cultures, the traditional India curry and cakes are exactly the same as those I eat in India.

Although Indians eat with their hands, if tourists come, they will still provide chopsticks.

In fact, Singaporeans rarely come to Little India, and most of them are tourists.

You can come here to taste authentic Indian food and feel the atmosphere of Indian restaurants.


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