Since October 1, the new standard “safety technical standard for socket and turnbuckle steel pipe scaffold in construction” has been

allocation of special operation personnel such as respective responsible persons and scaffolders.

(5) It is strictly prohibited for operators to run, retreat, play and sit on the rod on the disc support to avoid unsafe operations such as collision, flash, release, sliding and falling objects; it is strictly prohibited to work after drinking.

The scheme shall mainly include: 1) overview of high formwork support frame structure, including the scope of each area, erection height, slab thickness, beam section (explain the span in case of over span), structure of lower bearing layer, etc.

For the unfinished materials, the operators shall not leave the rods to be fixed and potential unsafe hazards when leaving the operation post, so as to ensure the stability of the turnbuckle scaffold support.

3) calculation sheet (the maximum section of various erection parameters shall be taken for checking calculation) 4) requirements for mobilization inspection and acceptance of materials, including: Construction Technology for erection and removal of formwork support; requirements for connection mode of formwork support; requirements for connection between formwork support and columns and beams; requirements for foundation practice of frame or retention of lower formwork support; requirements for inspection and acceptance of formwork support; requirements for concrete pouring and tamping; monitoring measures for formwork support.

5) construction management system and main operation teams .

Erection construction of turnbuckle support (1) Erection steps of the turnbuckle scaffold step 1: place the adjustable base step 2: erect the foundation frame step 3: erect the inclined rod and lay the platform steel springboard step 4: erect the ladder beam and lay the steps step step 5: heighten according to the use demand and use it according to the specification after reporting to the safety acceptance (2) The first step is to prepare a special technical scheme for the construction of formwork support frame.

(3) Requirements for adjustable bracket: the exposed length of the screw rod of the adjustable bracket shall not exceed 400mm, and the length of the bracket inserted into the vertical rod or double channel steel joist shall not be less than 150mm.

(6) requirements for frame step and span of double row external scaffold: the step should be 2m, the longitudinal distance of vertical pole should be 1.5m or 1.8m, and no more than 2.1m, and the horizontal distance of vertical pole should be 0.9m or 1.2m.

(2) height requirements for independent high formwork: for long strip independent high formwork support, the ratio H / b of the total height of the frame to the width of the frame should not be greater than 3.

The disc support shall not be used as the unloading platform, and it is strictly prohibited to stack materials on the disc support.

The bearing capacity and stability of the turnbuckle scaffold are better.

Source: website of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, engineering resources, China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau and Douding construction.


Related link: Ministry of housing and urban rural development: it is proposed to completely prohibit the use of such scaffolds and support frames! A total of 22 construction processes, equipment and materials are eliminated! In recent years, socket and socket type steel pipe scaffold has strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance With the characteristics of simple operation and low material loss, it has developed rapidly in the construction of cast-in-situ support, and there are more and more construction cases of turnbuckle support.

(8) in case of heavy rain, fog, snow or strong wind above level 6, it is prohibited to use the circular support..

Precautions for the erection of turnbuckle scaffold (1) Requirements for internal support step: when the erection height is no more than 8m, the step should not exceed 1.5m, and when the erection height is more than 8m, the step should not exceed 1.5m.

② the image of the construction site is “tall”.


Fixing Socket Angular End Nail Plate

The coiled scaffold is erected, and the construction site gets rid of “dirty, messy and poor” ③ save material consumption.


(7) Layout requirements of diagonal tie rods: within 24 meters of the allowable erection height required by the specification, a vertical diagonal tie rod shall be set every 5 spans and each layer along the outer longitudinal direction of the frame body, or fastener steel pipe cross bridging shall be set between 5 spans.

Type A: 60 series, vertical rod Φ 60mm × 3.2mm, horizontal bar and inclined bar Φ 48mm × 2.5mm, bracket base Φ 48mm, mainly used for heavy support, such as internal connection in bridge engineering.

(5) Requirements for continuous erection height of double row external scaffold: no more than 24m.

One person and one hammer can also quickly complete the construction, saving man hours and labor costs Ben.

(6) The turnbuckle scaffold must be erected along with the construction progress.

During construction, the perpendicularity of the vertical pole and the levelness of the cross bar shall be controlled, and the positions of the nodes and unloading points shall meet the requirements.

the connection mode of vertical rod is divided into two forms: outer sleeve connection and inner connecting rod connection.

(2) Scaffolders must correctly wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts when entering the construction site.

A total of 22 construction processes, equipment and materials, bamboo (wood), were eliminated Scaffolds and portal steel pipes are prohibited from erecting support frames all over the hall.

Step 3: support erection and erection process flow are as follows: 4.

Today, I have sorted out the key points of the construction technology for the erection of new turnbuckle support for your reference.

Step 2: prepare the list of beam formwork erection parameters.

④ the safety of construction personnel is more guaranteed.

Specifications for construction personnel of buckle scaffold (1) the erection and demolition of buckle scaffold support must be undertaken by trained professional scaffolders with certificates; non special operators shall not be engaged in erection operation.


The advantages of turnbuckle support ① high construction efficiency.

(4) When erecting the disc support, it is strictly prohibited to walk through the safety restricted area and carry out cross operation.

On June 30, 2021, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the industrial standard safety technical standard for socket and turnbuckle steel pipe scaffold in construction JGJ / t231-2021, which will be officially implemented from October 1, 2021, and jgj231-2010 will be abolished at the same time.

(9) Requirements for wall connecting parts: the distance from the connecting point of wall connecting parts and frame to the buckle node shall not be greater than 300mm.

Without fasteners, half of the steel is saved compared with the traditional scaffold, and the scaffold is more firm and stable.

The turnbuckle scaffold is waterproof, fireproof and rust proof, no maintenance is required, saving money and trouble.

2) list the erection parameters according to the selected formwork support form (the erection parameters shall be reasonably classified according to the beam size and plate thickness).

(4) requirements for adjustable base: the exposed length of the adjustable screw rod of the adjustable base shall not be greater than 300mm, and the height from the bottom horizontal rod of the sweeping rod to the ground shall not be greater than 550mm.

When it is necessary to set up a safety passage or carry out cross operation during the use of the disc support, the safety protection net of the disc buckle scaffold must be set up, and the specific setting requirements shall be determined by the relevant parties through consultation.

Turnbuckle scaffold Types of supports: the models of turnbuckle supports are mainly divided into two types: type A and type B.

(7) The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction scheme and corresponding safety technical specifications and standards.

Each scaffolder shall be equipped with anti-skid gloves, anti-skid shoes and tools, safety hooks or bags, and the operation tools shall be hung on the safety hooks or put into the bags.

(8) for each step of horizontal rod layer of double row scaffold, when there is no hook steel scaffold board to strengthen the stiffness of horizontal layer, horizontal diagonal rods shall be set every 5 spans.

⑤ the service life is long, and the cost of single use is lower than other scaffolds.

(3) the operators must strictly implement the provisions of safety technical disclosure and work arrangement before work.

Type B: 48 series, vertical pole Φ 48mm × 3.2mm, horizontal rod and horizontal inclined rod Φ 42mm × 2.5mm, vertical inclined rod Φ 33mm × 2.3mm, bracket base Φ 38mm, mainly used for house and decoration, stage lighting frame and other fields, generally connected by outer sleeve, the specification modulus of vertical pole is generally 500mm, and the specification modulus of horizontal pole is generally 300mm.

(Note: the full text of the standard is attached at the end of the text) in July, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the catalogue of construction processes, equipment and materials endangering production safety in housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects (the first batch) (Draft for comments).

The main technical contents of the standard revision: (1) it is clear that the socket and buckle steel pipe scaffold is divided into support frame and operation frame according to its purpose; (2) The partial factor of load is modified; (3) The structural importance coefficient and the adjustment coefficient of the design value of bearing capacity are added; (4) The formula of the effective length of the vertical pole of the support frame is modified; (5) Revised the structural requirements of inclined rod arrangement of support frame.

Instead, socket and socket type steel pipe scaffold and fastener type non cantilevered steel pipe scaffold are used.


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