Shigu: excellent service promotes strong agglomeration, and the construction industry chain accelerates its rise

[synch] Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Hengyang Branch of provincial sixth construction        I think they are very pragmatic   Efficient   honest   Rooted in shigu District is full of confidence and passion    Then our company is also preparing to increase investment in shigu District.

The old reconstruction projects in Shaanxi Lane area and Qingshan Street area in the charge of the company have also been included in the provincial old community reconstruction demonstration project, and shigu District has won the reward of “real work” from the provincial government.

Up to now, there are 225 construction related enterprises in the region, forming a construction industry chain with reasonable structure and complete types, led by general contracting enterprises and dominated by professional construction and labor subcontracting enterprises.

[synch] Chen Wenjun, director of construction engineering unit of shigu District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau        Our government provides a relaxed business environment for enterprises   Subjective consciousness of door-to-door service   At present, enterprises in the construction industry chain in shigu District are developing enthusiastically   Our goal is to keep the enterprise   Can afford it   Go far   Well done   (source: Hengyang News Network) editor: he Zengjing editor: Liu   Junsan trial: Lei Wanfu news hotline Hengyang Comprehensive Radio: 2595989 Hengyang traffic and Economic Radio: 2591018 Hengyang News Network: 2595888    city    newspaper    Dao: 2595200, the WeChat official account of Hengyang radio and TV station provides timely and authoritative Hengyang news..

With the help and guidance of shigu District construction industry chain office, Yuanxiang company has successively established many construction related enterprises such as Yuanxiang labor service, Guangtong asphalt, Zhixiang construction and mechanical equipment company, which has solved the employment of more than 300 villagers around.

Since the establishment of the construction industry chain, the chain office has taken the initiative to go deep into the front-line enterprises for investigation, guidance and service, and actively solve the difficulties of enterprises.

In 2020, the construction enterprises in the region will achieve an output value of 3.335 billion yuan.

The Yuanxiang ecological farm built by the company is a famous leisure and tourism place in the suburbs of Hengyang.

Details      Shigu District actively provides policies, excellent services, solving difficult problems and doing practical things for construction enterprises, attracts a number of relevant enterprises to settle in, continuously stimulates the vitality of enterprises, expands the growth space, and promotes the rapid and steady development of the construction industry.

The introduction of this series of policies and measures has also strengthened the development confidence of provincial six construction in Hengyang.

1 [synch] Xu Zhengcai, principal of Hengyang Guangtong asphalt Co., Ltd    Stimulating the local economy   It has promoted the employment of (fixed) 70 or 80 people   It has promoted the development of local economy    Make the rural economic construction to a higher level   In view of the increasingly competitive construction market, shigu District, while strictly supervising, increases support and rewards for excellent leading backbone enterprises.

Shigu District is preparing to build a headquarters base for construction enterprises in Huayao city national gold center, and launch preferential enterprise measures in terms of property management, government services and tax incentives, so as to provide a number of dividends for enterprises intending to settle in, and invite enterprises to settle in with the greatest sincerity.

entered shigu District in 2018 to participate in the reconstruction of old communities and the construction of key projects.

     Hunan Construction Engineering Group No.

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[synch] Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Hengyang Branch of provincial sixth construction       Take this industry as a supporting guide and lead it well   We also have confidence   Ability to pay more taxes in shigu   Do more   More pragmatic      Hengyang Yuanxiang ecological agriculture company is a local enterprise located in Zimu village, Huangshawan street.

In 2020, the district will reward “meritorious enterprises” for economic development with 1.2 million yuan.

6 Engineering Co., Ltd.


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